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ebay for luck

Given that everyone has luck and everyone's luck is different, there should be a way to buy someone's luck. Luck is one of those mysterious things that everyone talks about (for example, I'd rather be lucky than good). We blame bad luck on all of our problems and often credit someone's good fortune and successes to good luck. So doesn't it make sense to have a place where you can get luck and possibly change your luck? I propose an ebay for luck. One of the differences from ebay is that there would have to be a way to quantify a person's luck. After that, people can buy and sell luck from each other. For example, if I was having a hard time finding a date, I could buy some luck. If I was not feeling well, I could buy some luck. If I wanted croissants on the halfbakery, I would buy luck. Get it?
-- ksnyc, Dec 03 2003

[mystic2311, Oct 04 2004]

Weather Board of Trade
[mystic2311, Oct 04 2004]

Unfortunately, luck is one of those intangible things that makes trading more of a joke than reality ... plus, I just sold my last batch of luck ... I'm trying to save up to buy some skill ...

Then this could be filed under fool/money parting
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 03 2003

Maybe you actually won, but the luck was bad.
-- lubbit, Dec 03 2003

Yeah - luck is hard thing to quantify. If I get shot and by some miracle the bullet misses all my vital organs by millimetres, am I lucky because I survived or unlucky because I got shot in the first place?

They say people make their own luck, but I've never seen a recipie.
-- lostdog, Dec 03 2003

Unfortunatley, the folks who are most without luck are usually without money as well. Hmmm - maybe that could be used as a proxy for quantifying luck?
-- bungston, Dec 03 2003

Hell if Enron can trade in weather derivatives, why not a market in luck futures?
-- mystic2311, Dec 03 2003

Because Enron had such good business practices...
-- lostdog, Dec 03 2003

ACtually, this is a great idea. Picture this: you have a run of good luck, so you know your luck is going to run out soon. Because your luck is so good, you can sell it at a high price, but pity the poor sucker who buys it and finds out your luck has run out. Waitaminnit, how is this any different from the stock market? The LEC (Luck Exchange Commission) would have to outlaw pumping and dumping luck.
-- mystic2311, Dec 03 2003

Thanks capm that was creepy. It's weird how as soon as you think of a new idea, somebody has already done it. Earlier this year, I was joking with my stockbroker friend that he should get into terrorism futures, and a few months later the Pentagon revealed they were already doing it. I registered on the Luck Spot and tried to take the test, but the page was completely blank. Is that good luck or bad luck?
-- mystic2311, Dec 03 2003

You are right mystic2311, it is amazing how everyone already seems to have done a new idea you come up with (even as one as crazy as this). I was able to register and take the test- it was actually quite fun. Thanks capm.
-- ksnyc, Dec 03 2003

ksync, you are obviously a free marketeer, so you may enjoy my idea, Shoplifting Credits. Link added above.
-- mystic2311, Dec 03 2003

Didn't Alexander Dumas write a big thick book about D'Artangan and the free marketeers..?
-- lostdog, Dec 03 2003

mysticnumber- I see your idea being a bigger challenge to monitor as opposed to marketing. The concept such as luck spot is definitely more a marketing challenge but I wouldn't know how to market something like that.
-- ksnyc, Dec 03 2003

BTW, I wasn't making that up about Enron dabbling in weather derivatives. For another weird concept, check out the the Weather Exchange (link added above).
-- mystic2311, Dec 04 2003

Good luck with this one, [ksnyc].
-- k_sra, Dec 04 2003

The Cooler has bad luck which diffuses to a lucky gambler, making him lose. Is there also a "heater" that you could hire to stand next to you to help you win? That is more like ksync's idea.
-- mystic2311, Dec 09 2003

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