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Lugnut protector   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Simple device to prevent lugnuts from being kicked everywhere

If you've ever had to work in an auto shop or even on your own car with the wheel off, you may have experienced the pain of accidently kicking your lugnuts on the ground and spending a good portion of your day looking for them. Basically, I would propose a simple can to attach to the car lift that would have a spring loaded opening at the bottom to retrieve your lugnuts when you're ready for them. This may not appeal to a lot of people, but for those who have kicked 'em, you'll appreciate this.
-- goober, May 28 2005

Are they magnetic? The nuts, I mean.
-- Detly, May 28 2005

This would be extremely useful on boats, too - many's the nut I've abandoned rather than put my hand in that nasty, oily gunk in the bilges...
-- moomintroll, May 28 2005

I don't think they need to be magnetic. They would just be in a can that you would open out into your hand when you need them. I don't want to get the car companies involved if I don't have to.
-- goober, May 28 2005

What I was getting at was that if they're magnetic, you can just use a magnet. Stick the magnet to the car, and the nuts to the magnet. Tear one off the back of an old speaker.
-- Detly, May 28 2005

That's not a bad idea, but I know a lot of lugnuts have stupid plastic sleeves that go over the metal. Have fun getting all the car manufacturers to comply with magnets. Plus, magnets might leave ugly red and green splotches on your car (if your car is made out of t.v.'s (just ignore me)).
-- goober, May 28 2005

//Have fun getting all the car manufacturers to comply with magnets.//

I meant you could stick it to the chassis underneath. But this is starting to get irrelevant.
-- Detly, May 28 2005

"And the lord spake, saying, 'Noah, in addition to my creatures which thou art saving, thou shouldst also sew pockets into your pants. You will learn why in four thousand years.' And Noah did listen."

Seems to be an overly complex [+] way to solve a problem, when the solution already exists in the forms of pockets or hubcaps [-].
-- shapu, May 29 2005

Since this website is about making things easier and lazier for people, I thought the idea of opening the bottom of a can and allow the nuts to fall out in your hand (hee hee) would be easier than pulling them off of a magnet. Now in the true spirit of this website, the next anno should be about a toggle to magnetize/demagnetize and so on...
-- goober, Jun 01 2005

Perhaps a stud hat, so you can screw the nuts to your head.
-- ldischler, Jun 01 2005

Perhaps a magnet hubcap would be in order. This would also help (a little) in preventing the loss of hubcaps.
-- ye_river_xiv, Nov 11 2006

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