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With low-fat ozone please

An ergonomic sterling engine -- vest-shaped perhaps -- straps to your torso and drives a dynamo to charge a supercapacitor. An LED conveniently blinks when the appropriate charge level is reached, at which point in time you helpfully drop the supercap into a waiting mug of water, where it promptly discharges thereby bringing the water to a vigorous boil.

The supercap has holes drilled into its outer shell and further has an internal separator layer made from compressed coffee grounds. As it floods with the suddenly boiled water, it brews a steaming cup o' joe.

Supercapacitors of a wide variety of blends and flavours would be available in packs of 12.
-- the porpoise, Feb 05 2015

Machine for Coffee Machine_20for_20Coffee
Standing on the shoulders... [the porpoise, Feb 05 2015]

Would you by any chance be interested in a job in our Advanced Research and Tactical Optimism department? The position is normally about $50k per annum, but if you can't afford that much we can come to some arrangement.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 05 2015

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