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Magician poker   (+20, -6)  [vote for, against]
Two pair...but wait! Now it's a royal flush!

Simply, gather about 5 of the worlds best magicians, and have them play poker.
Rules are: anything goes - any trick/sleight of hand they can imagine is allowed.
What's that in your ear? Why, it's the ace I was looking for!...Damn, the rabbit ate my king...
-- fridge duck, Mar 27 2005

I'd play this, if only i knew some cool magic tricks. You get a bun.
-- finrod, Mar 27 2005

This is completely insane, but it might work, especially since I've got 5 aces up my sleeve, seeing as that in another dimension there are 5 suits of cards, instead of 4.
-- froglet, Mar 27 2005

nothing original about cheating [marked–for–deletion]
-- po, Mar 27 2005

To escape the dreaded [m-f-d], propose not merely cheating at poker, but televising it. The audience is watching in an attempt to catch the players cheating.
-- gardnertoo, Mar 27 2005

This is no worse than the 7,000 other flaky poker shows now engulfing most of cable television. No better either, tho. -
-- phundug, Mar 27 2005

This brought to mind the Harlem Globetrotters, they were so good no regular basketball team could beat them. So they became a show in themselves. Magicians would add the pizazz and humor an ordinary game of cards lacks, and I think should be televised.+

ps. no betting allowed
-- dentworth, Mar 27 2005

-- DesertFox, Mar 28 2005

Of course, you've got to cut the deck with a saw.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 29 2005

Po, I realise there is nothing new about cheating, it's just that magicians make their living by it and so would be better (I'm assuming), I haven't accounted for thieves, car salesmen etc...
-- fridge duck, Mar 29 2005

Dress them as cowboys. Give them guns.
-- baconbrain, Mar 30 2005

Po, how could you? I'm shocked.
-- david_scothern, Mar 30 2005

Pro-am cheating. Bone.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 30 2005

<obligatory>"Nothing in that sleeve...nothing in" (poke) "that one...Now--" (poke) "Hey! Now if you'll just h--" (poke) "--old this for a m-moment--" (poke) "Stopit!--I'll" (poke) "F--in' 'ell..."</obligatory>
-- Etymon, Mar 30 2005

Seriously, though, I imagine most magicians use decks with gimmicks built in--would this have security procedures to ensure normal cards, and would therefore test skills at true sleight-of-hand?
-- Etymon, Mar 30 2005

I thought this said Michigan Poker.
-- Mr Burns, Mar 30 2005

[Etymon]--I'm sure the deck would start perfectly normal, but I imagine at least one if not all of the magicians will swap it for their own ASAP.
-- 5th Earth, Mar 31 2005

"Are you accusing me of cheating?"
"Of course I am."
"Well, if you'll just pay attention to my lovely assistant over here, away from me..." *POOF*
-- AfroAssault, Mar 31 2005

Could this be MFD'd for Magic?
-- hidden truths, Apr 14 2005

No, because nobody believes magicians are actually doing Magic. The fun is in trying to spot the sleight of hand, knowing it must be there.
-- gardnertoo, Jan 13 2006

//I imagine most magicians use decks with gimmicks built in//

There are plenty of such decks, but good card magicians can also achieve a lot with a normal deck.

You could add a twist by adding a round before the reveal. Each magician can auction his hand to the others - this could add in an extra element of bluff... "Did he fix his hand this round or not?"
-- imaginality, Apr 12 2006

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