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Carpet with strong magnets built in

I propose a carpet with powerful magnets built at key points which match the pattern of the carpet itself. The purpose would be for use small furniture, including things like one-legged tables. The ideal is that the magnets are powerful enough that the tablets are more difficult to knock over than a small, traditional table would down. This would only really be appropriate in thin carpets. The nice thing is that it would enable one to have a one-legged table without needing a cross-shaped bottom leg to maintain balance, which is annoying to reposition and makes it less practical to leave clutter all over the floor around it.
-- aguydude, Jan 28 2008

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How will this magnetic carpet hold up a one-legged table?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 28 2008

// The purpose would be for use small furniture //
THAT'S what you're using it for, and not to make a maglev flying carpet? Bone.
-- phundug, Jan 29 2008

It's an interesting idea, but I really don't think magnets would be strong enough to make a difference. Not when I thump into the table in the dark, anyway.
-- DrCurry, Jan 29 2008

Arrange magnets that present their north poles upwards in the carpet. Within one-legged tables, have magnets with south pointing down. The north pole within the leg would be repelled by the carpet and the table would try to remain upright.

Strong magnets needed.
-- DenholmRicshaw, Jan 29 2008

I don't think this idea is that complicated, no maglev or repulsion, I think the idea is just to allow wide single support tables to exist without stabilizer feet, which I think it could do, but only if the carpet is glued to the floor. Also the disadvantage would be you'd have to have a pare of pliers handy to pick up paper clips, etc. and it would really suck if you dropped your wallet.
-- MisterQED, Jan 29 2008

Problem is that you'd never be able to remove the dog from underneath the table, unless you removed its big heavily studded collar.
-- skinflaps, Jan 29 2008

I am trying to think of where such tables might be used. Probably a commercial, rather than residential setting - someplace where the trendiness and novelty of such a table would be appreciated.

Commercial settings often have tile, or carpet "tiles" to allow easy replacement of damaged or worn units. Tiles with inset magnets could be used for this application.

A problem is that if someone leaned on the table or fell on it, it would tip and pull up the attached tile as well.
-- bungston, Jan 29 2008

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