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Magnetic Mouse 2   (+7)  [vote for, against]
Mouse with magnetic bottom plate

A standard mouse with a magnetic bottom plate would allow it to be placed on the side of metal server racks for convenient access.
-- Cedar Park, Feb 19 2012

pirate mouse with hook
[notexactly, Jan 27 2017]

Would this be a mouse with an extremely strong magnet that could go next to the hard drive? Ah, my knowledge of hard drives is out of date, they already have magnets (had).
-- normzone, Feb 19 2012

Just ditch the windows servers and go to linux - no mouse needed!
-- DrCurry, Feb 19 2012

-- 8th of 7, Feb 19 2012

-- mouseposture, Feb 19 2012

Does anyone else miss the accupoint, or is it only me?
-- Alterother, Feb 19 2012

[8th], that would work too. A super-strong magnet on the bottom of the trackball and you could mount it on the side of the server rack and never need to move it...
-- Cedar Park, Feb 22 2012

Make your mouse a pirate mouse using a screw hook ? You could hang the mouse on the server rack yardarms.

-- popbottle, Jan 23 2017

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