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Clothes fasteners that don't quite touch

Magnets have long been used as snap closures on clothes. However, magnets still attract even when separated. So, for those who like to show a bit of skin and want to go beyond mere slit skirts or ripped t-shirts, I propose the ultimate in almost-nothing-wear: clothes held together by magnets that do not touch. Clearly, the separate pieces of fabric would have to be *very* tight-fitting, or any minor movement would let the magnets snap together.

If you're having trouble picturing this, please see the illustration. (po very kindly agreed to model this idea, on the condition that her features be blurred out - you never know where photos posted in the Internet will end up! This is intended as a unisex idea - if any of our male contributors would like to pose, please let me know.)
-- DrCurry, Feb 28 2003

(??) Our Carol Vorderman - George Clooney fancies her anyway - cannot be bad
remind me to tell you my Tom Jones story [po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Illustration
[Reposted after original links broke in crash.] [DrCurry, Feb 13 2005]

Better than an Illustration
The excellent [po] is the model. [Vernon, Jul 24 2012]

where you hiding the duct tape then?

jealous of the tan? its out of a bottle :)
-- po, Feb 28 2003

It'd be very easy to humiliate someone wearing this kind of clothing.
-- galukalock, Feb 28 2003

//I rather imagine someone wearing this type of clothing would be pretty immune to humiliation.//

I am modelling this crappy itchy gear - those magnets are heavy - who are you humiliating?
-- po, Feb 28 2003

[Dimandja], Of course you can. But a few of these in your clothing would make it a heck of a lot easier, and probably more complete...
-- galukalock, Feb 28 2003

// if any of our male contributors would like to pose //

I'm up for it, as long as you can guarantee that the magnetic field won't interfere with my cybernetic implants.....
-- 8th of 7, Feb 28 2003

po: Just don't take a big breath. OK. You can. I won't look. Promise.
-- Cedar Park, Mar 01 2003

What would happen if you walked past a powerful electromagnet?
-- FloridaManatee, Mar 10 2003

Magnetic force varies as the inverse FOURTH power between the magnets. So, suppose things are arranged to give a holding-force of 100 grams when the gap is 1cm. If Po breathes in (which she presumably would want to, probably regularly) and stretches the gap open to (say) 1.5cm then the force will drop by a factor of 1.5^4 or about 5-fold, leaving only 20 grams of force to preserve her dignity. Conversely, if she breathes out (also a good idea, especially after breathing in) and the gap closes to 0.5cm, then the force will increase by 2^4 or 16-fold, squishing poor Po with a force of 1.6kg. Also, if you had magnetic swimsuit closures you'd tend to stick to ships or wind up at the north pole.
-- Basepair, Feb 14 2005

p.s. - I may be wrong. I need to see more photos to be certain.
-- Basepair, Feb 14 2005

I've done this kind of thing. It's fun to give the magnet a slight tug and feel it snap back into place. Take care not to have the sets of magnets too close to each other, or they will all cluster together.
-- robinism, Feb 14 2005

This could be interesting at high schools when the kids start leaning up against their lockers...
-- ye_river_xiv, Apr 11 2007

Which makes me wish I were a high schooler again.
-- shapu, Apr 11 2007

Yes, my old habit of wandering around school with the strongest magnets I could find would have made me a lot cooler (to the guys anyway)

Ah well, that was a decade ago. No sense trying to relive old glories.

Let's get this trend going in colleges!
-- ye_river_xiv, Apr 12 2007

Based on [Basepairs] observation, it plainly makes sense to use ultralarge magnets with the largest possible gap they can support, since this makes the distance change by the smallest possible ratio. Of course it also makes the person stick to passing cars, and each other, but, you know, details.
-- MechE, Jul 25 2012

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