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Magneto-electric suspension   (+2, -3)  [vote for, against]
Magnets to replace springs and shocks

Replace coil springs with a stack of washer shaped magnets sliding along a none magnetic extensible rod in an arrangement that makes each repel its neighbor. Shock absorbsion and anti-roll adjustments could be made by electric coils wrapped around the enclosing tube.

This is similar to the Bose system except it would use MUCH less power as the magnets would support the vehicle weight wthout needing any power. External power is only needed for anti-roll an power would be produced by all suspension movement.
-- MisterQED, Nov 22 2007

Not car suspension...
.. but an analysis of a similar idea. [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 22 2007]

My appologies, I wrote this on my phone while going to Thanksgiving and didn't do the prior art check.
-- MisterQED, Nov 24 2007

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