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Everybody loves a maze!

Every day in the local news there seem to be stories of police discovering grow-ops everywhere, and every day on the radio there are repeated commercials for local corn mazes, so of course my mind has made the obvious connection.

<Disclaimer - Please note this idea does not support the growth and use of marijuana for recreational purposes, but simply capitalizes on the pot-head stereotype.>

Marijuana growers will cultivate their crop and create mazes for people to explore. Maze-goers will pay a nominal fee to board a deluxe windowless panel van for the circuitous ride to the local marijuana maze. During the trip, patrons are searched for GPS and tracking devices for the protection of the growers.

Of course, once they have arrived they will discover the maze consists of just a couple of twists and turns because nobody is really expected to make much of an effort to traverse the maze. No, the really big money for the growers will be made later on at the snack bar before the van ride home. Would you pay $5 for a twinkie in the middle of nowhere?
-- Canuck, Oct 19 2006

inpenetrable forests...
[po, Oct 19 2006]

To be built in Halifax, Nova Scotia http://en.wikipedia...i/Trailer_Park_Boys
Glass of Rum and Coke optional. [zen_tom, Oct 19 2006]

Yes, dear po, that story was part of the foundation for this idea.
-- Canuck, Oct 19 2006

would there be a gift shop?
-- po, Oct 19 2006

"So after the entrance there was this left turn and then we couldn't see our way out, so we thought we were lost, you know? Like on that tv program? So we figured we'd better roll a quick one to help us think... it was sweeet. Anyway we were really lost and just sitting there looking at all this beautiful nature and talking and smoking stuff for hours and had a really great time until the rescue team came to get us and guess what... they showed us we only had to go round a right turn to get to the exit! We were almost at the end the whole time! Anyway they had this incredible hot chocolate at the snack van... like cocoa with a bit of Oreo mixed in... apparently it's made with goats milk which is like really good for your hearing and means you can hear bats... I wonder if bats like it? Bat cocoa! Yeah, man, we could sell bat cocoa, the bats can't get any cocoa right now... "
-- wagster, Oct 19 2006

//Please note this idea does not support the growth and use of marijuana for recreational purposes//

Why not?
-- webfishrune, Oct 19 2006

Like, we got to the maze, right, and it wasn't there. Someone had smoked it.
-- Ling, Oct 19 2006

Because, [webfishrune], this is my idea and I said so. Besides, marijuana, or cannabis, has been used as a medicine for nearly 5000 years and I think we all know that abuse of medicine is a bad thing.
-- Canuck, Oct 20 2006

That's not true,[Canuck]. I've been smoking marihuana for almost ten years and it hasn't become an addiction. :p (btw, + and hellooo everyone!).
-- Pericles, Oct 22 2006

hey, Pericles!
-- po, Oct 23 2006

Pericles, if you haven't gone again already, hi... :)
-- david_scothern, Oct 23 2006

<waves in the direction of Mexico>
-- wagster, Oct 23 2006

In case you didn't notice, [Lt_Frank], I was being sarcastic... but I happen to see things the same way [BrauBeaton] does. I am a marihuana smoker, but I do it for fun, which means that I don't need it to keep functioning. I have stayed clean for months without even missing it, hardly even notice that I haven't smoked in a long time. Plus, smoking marihuana doesn't make you an addict. I don't even get drunk anymore, I quit smoking tobacco a year ago, and I work out every day!! Do i sound like a drug addict to you?

Oh, and hi back to Po, David and Wagster. Don't worry, hopefully this time I won't be dissappearing anytime soon. :)
-- Pericles, Oct 23 2006

My goodness! Has Canuck revealed his evil side and stirred the pot, so to speak?


OK, thanks for your patience. My hands are dry now.

[Pericles], I know you were joking, but I never mentioned addiction, I just said abuse is a bad thing.

Personally, I am ambivalent on this subject. I suppose because I'm a Boomer everyone expects that I have partaken of the kaleidoscope of recreational substances, but I have chosen to remain clean and sober throughout my life. That doesn't make me better than anyone else. It just makes me, me. The moment I begin to lose respect for someone is when they feel it is their duty to prove how wrong I am.

<climbs off soap box and disappears into crowd>
-- Canuck, Oct 24 2006

Sorting out what is real and what is not in the maze of inner space may seem like a maze. I don't think any small amount of buds will help in this.
Who am I to say, though, It's been a long, long time. Mirrors and mushrooms in the maze might do wonders, though.
These things will probably remain taboo as long as the multi million $ breweries exist. (I am just going by what I've read, you know.)
-- Zimmy, Oct 24 2006

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