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Science: Unit of Measurement
Market Capitalisation in Corns   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Extrapolate from unicorns.

A billion-dollar company is a unicorn. Therefore a ten-million-dollar company is a centicorn, a trillion-dollar company would be a kilocorn, etc.
-- pertinax, Mar 20 2018

// unicorn //

Yeah, bet there's a Sanity Clause, too ...
-- 8th of 7, Mar 20 2018

Ah - "unicorn"! Now it makes sense. I thought they were talking about eunuch horns.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2018

I was thinking barleycorns (1/3 inches), which is the measurement used for measuring shoe sizes.
-- zen_tom, Mar 20 2018

I had a corn once..... to get rid of it required the same cure for that of a wart (which I've never had) - rub effected area with half of a potato; wrap up the potato half in brown paper and throw into back yard and allow to rot undisturbed; as potato rots, wart (or in my case corn) fades away.
-- xenzag, Mar 20 2018

Well yes, [xen], that makes perfect sense.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2018

<wonders why [xen] hasn't entirely faded away by now, leaving only the corn/>
-- 8th of 7, Mar 20 2018

<wonders how you get rid of a potato>
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2018

There are a lot of french people wondering the same thing about M. Macron ...
-- 8th of 7, Mar 20 2018

Actually, thinking about it, it should be possible to genetically modify a potato to produce both acetyl salicylic acid and an antiviral. This would be perfect for our warty, corny [xen].
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2018

Not quite as perfect as breaking down the starch, converting it to cellulose, and then nitrating it ...
-- 8th of 7, Mar 20 2018

chinese took all the horns for medicine. And corns too probably. And the potato.. massive hyperchondriacs
-- DDRopDeadly, Mar 20 2018

// massive hyperchondriacs //

That's just sick ...
-- 8th of 7, Mar 20 2018

//wonders how you get rid of a potato//

Simple. You hire some Ukranian girls to show up at its house, and instigate a sting operation.
-- RayfordSteele, Mar 20 2018

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