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Not exactly for vegetarians

There are hundreds (thousands?) of salad dressings on the market, but their flavors are nearly all vegetarian, herbs, some cheese etc. The closest to meat flavor are artificial bacon bits and those mainly have smoke flavor, nothing like real bacon. Is it a surprise that carnivores don't eat salads?

The idea is to develop a line of salad dressings that add the flavor of real meat to vegetables. "Grilled Burger", "Rare Filet Mignon" anyone? The dressings could even contain some of the essential amino acids, proteins and other important substances found in real meat (synthesized or from non meat sources).

This won't appeal to vegetarians, but could make it easier for the rest of us to put up with supposedly healthy salads. It may even save the necks of some lucky cows, pigs or chicken.
-- kbecker, Mar 29 2004

Bluurrg! :p
-- simonj, Mar 29 2004

[kbecker] could always try some gravy?
-- jonthegeologist, Mar 30 2004

The dressing idea impresses me as gag awfuk. Maybe some animal cracker croutons in meat, chicken, fish, or bone marrow flavors?
-- dpsyplc, Mar 30 2004

No, no - this would be thin, sour and spicy. Sort of an oily, vinegary bouillon. Maybe like that nuc mam fish sauce, but with beef. Or sheep!
-- bungston, Mar 30 2004

Mmmm bone marrow flavor, sounds good to me.
No [jtg] gravy wouldn't work. Gravy does not imitate meat flavor but enhances it.
-- kbecker, Mar 30 2004

That's inaccurate, and suggests that you may not actually know what gravy is. Gravy's flavor comes directly from the meat that created it.

Broth is what I get from this.

And roast chicken italian dressing exists.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 30 2004

Perhaps you should marinate your salad.
-- thumbwax, Mar 31 2004

There are plenty of warm meat salads (e.g. turkey salad) which use meat juices in the dressing. What are you on about?!
-- squeak, Mar 31 2004

Venison vinaigrette
-- bristolz, Mar 31 2004

Please pass the seasoned t-bone dressing.
-- Letsbuildafort, Mar 31 2004

[squeak] I want it without the meat so it can be served in a vegetarian restaurant. Would make it easier for me to go there more often.
-- kbecker, Mar 31 2004

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