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As we all have experienced at sometime, when automobiles need service, the technical jargon and industry common speak can be quite confusing to the layperson. The device recognizes certain vocabulary "hotwords" or phrases and translates them via visual display, or speaker to help the mechanic explain the more complex automotive issues with the customer. This can also be applied to deaf, or hard of hearing customers.

So instead of having to trot across the garage, or lobby to point out "brake lines" on a complex, jumbled poster, the device is temporarily issued to the customer with the data, and a brief explaination of the importance, location, and other pertinent information all ready for the customer to take-in.
-- Letsbuildafort, Sep 24 2003

It might be a bit annoying .

Mechanic: Weeerl, we 'ad to fix your alternator an..

Device: *Clong* Alternator. A device that converts rotational energy to AC current. Alternators provide energy for the vehicle electrical system. The alternator also recharges the battery.

Mechanic: right, yeah well we fixed the alten...fixed that and we had to replace two of your brake discs...

Device:*Clong* Brakes, Disc. A brake that uses a disc shaped rotor and calipers that hold friction pads. The rotor is attached to the wheel hub and spins with it. The calipers are stationary. When the brake pedal is depressed, the calipers press on the side of the side of the rotor. The friction pads slow the rotor as needed. Most vehicles use disc brakes on the front wheels. Disc brakes can shed heat and retain their braking power better than drum brakes.

Mechanic: Forget it. Here's your bill.

Device:*Clong* Yaw. The rotation about a vertical axis that passes through the car's center of gravity.
-- squeak, Sep 24 2003

I confess I've never been too keen on exactly how the engine works, only that it does, and how much it will cost. Would it also automatically translate certain keywords into a price code: "Brake lines" translates to "$95.00 parts and labor"?
-- little dog laughed, Sep 24 2003

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