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Mendocino Golf Cart   (+1)  [vote for, against]
A more enviromentally-friendly way of enjoying a hot summer's day

A Mendocino motor is a solar-powered magnetically-levitated motor. So, why not put one of these babies onto a golf buggy, and save on petrol, gasoline or whatever it is that powers golf carts.

This would also make being the personal assistant (read as: slave) to the golfers a more attractive summer job - who wouldn't like to be in control of a hovercraft golf buggy?

(The solar cells would go on the roof of the cart, by the way)
-- froglet, Jun 03 2006

The Mendocino Motor http://en.wikipedia...iki/Mendocino_motor
I love the whole concept of these things. Solar powered and levitating put together in a motor? I want one! [froglet, Jun 03 2006]

From what I understand of the Mendocino motor, it's more of a toy than potential source of propulsion. It's a cute mechanism having the solar panels on the **edit** rotor (previously I incorrectly had stated stator as pointed out by [half] below) (hence automatically modulating the current), but this severely limits in the size of solar panels (and also optimal orientation of the panels).

but [+] for optimism and bringing this motor to my attention.
-- xaviergisz, Jun 03 2006

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