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Fashion: Text
Messaging Bathrobes   (+11, -2)  [vote for, against]
Pleasing posterial material messaging

I love staying in hotels and using their dressing gowns (US read bathrobe).

Waffle-weave dressing gowns leave a less than fetching pattern on your body when one disrobes, but not so the messaging bathrobe. No Sir. Quite the opposite, Sir.

In embossed material inside of the bathrobe is written "yxes gninrom", so that your beloved can be woken with a "Morning Sexy" message on your arse (US read Ass).

Available with other messages, naturally.
-- jonthegeologist, Jul 11 2005

Pillow-Printer Pillow_20Printer
reminds me of this [FarmerJohn, Jul 11 2005]

Presumably what you need is a little pocket across the afore-mentioned butt, where you can slip in one of a variety of messages.
-- DrCurry, Jul 11 2005

Have an embosed B on each buttock. That way, your partner/business associate, Bob, could see his name spelled out in a thoughtful tribute.
-- Texticle, Jul 11 2005

On days I wear the robe inside-out my ass will read "yxes gninrom". +
-- reensure, Jul 11 2005

"raed won ton"
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 11 2005

spent ages looking for that link, FJ
-- po, Jul 11 2005

-- Detly, Jul 11 2005

Phew! - I thought for a moment the title read "Massaging Bathrobes".
-- hippo, Jul 11 2005

[waits for echo.]
-- st3f, Jul 11 2005

Knowing my luck, it would fold at the wrong places and spell "ring ex"
-- Ling, Jul 11 2005

A historian and a psychologist are at a nudist colony, sitting watching a table tennis match. The historian turns to the psychologist asks "Have you read Marx?" Levering himself into a standing position, the psychologist says, "Yes, I think it's from these wicker chairs."

I thangyew.
-- calum, Jul 11 2005

"deirram tsuJ"
-- TolpuddleSartre, Jul 11 2005

!em knaps
-- Minimal, Jul 11 2005

"deirram tsuJ"
"deirram tsuJ"
"deirram tsuJ"
"deirram tsuJ"
"deirram tsuJ"

-- baconbrain, Jul 12 2005

[hippo] I was rather disapointed to discover that this was not, in fact, "Massaging Bathrobes."
-- Eugene, Jul 12 2005

[reads link] Utah? Mmmm. Sad.
-- jonthegeologist, Jul 12 2005

...and also, the word "Messaging" seems to imply "capable of sending messages", like "Instant messaging" - so perhaps the weave of the bathrobe ought to be remotely configurable to enable you to send mirror-text messages to your loved one's bottom.
-- hippo, Jul 12 2005

"em kcik"
-- hippo, Jul 12 2005

"yrtnE oN"
-- baconbrain, Jul 12 2005

?eborhtab gnigassem siht ni gib kool mub ym seoD

If you can fit the whole message on, then yes, it does........
-- Minimal, Jul 13 2005

"ere' sow yorliK"
-- DrCurry, Jul 13 2005

um..."ssA eniF enO"
-- Eugene, Jul 14 2005

...ruoy ecaf yM
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 14 2005

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