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Finds change while you're walking/jogging...

Just what it sounds like -- shoes that work as metal detectors -- instead of walking around the beach and waving a stick, people could just slip these bad boys on and go for a walk or jog. It might incentivize people to excercise if there's a reward...and the shoes might be a bit heavier than normal so it would be particularly good excercise...
-- JT, Jun 29 2000

Kickstarter: Metal Detecting Shoes (2019) https://www.kicksta...tal-detecting-shoes
$1 of $5000 funded with 5 days to go... [jutta, Sep 15 2019]

So you could give these guys $5,000 to get off the hammock and start drawing pictures of the product or just buy a pair for a couple of hundred bucks. [doctorremulac3, Sep 16 2019]

Kickstarter: Metal Detecting Sandals (2021) https://www.kicksta...l-detecting-sandals
1% funded with 11 days to go. [jutta, Sep 07 2021]

Isn't walking around with a big heavy stick exercise? The advantage with the shoes would be that you can search for change descretely..until the alarm goes off.
-- blahginger, Jun 30 2000

It's excercise but you're right -- it's far from discreet. The shoe alarm can be discrete too -- it's all about headphones...
-- JT, Jun 30 2000

Or maybe the shoe vibrates. This could also help pinpoint coins faster... if you pass over a coin that's a bit to your right, the right shoe would vibrate more than the left, etc.
-- PotatoStew, Jun 30 2000

Stereo headphones would be good enough for telling which shoe had detected the metal (and discreet). If the noise generated gets louder the nearer the shoe is to the metal, then your head should naturally turn towards the "source" of the sound, making you automatically walk in the right direction
-- Lemon, Jul 06 2000

It easy to make it a dicrete sign, I mean... most of the excercising people walk on a ritem, this could be easely interupted by a detection. Maby its possible to make some universal thingy that fits on more than 1 shoe, otherwise people could recognize your shoes ;)
-- enveekaa, Jul 24 2000

I love this because you don't look like such a twat with a great big ufo type techno truck swinging about the place. Although a draw back is that you need to keep the detector fairly level while passing over a potention treasure. Leggless
-- leggless, Jul 24 2000

Feets would be fairly close to level, pressed against the ground...You don't push the ring of a detector against the grass, so you have to hold it level...
-- StarChaser, Jul 25 2000

RE: Kickstarter link. So the product they're trying to raise money to develop features a girl on a hammock? OK, I'm going to try to fund a home satellite launcher featuring a picture of a puppy.
-- doctorremulac3, Sep 15 2019

So that kickstarter: It doesn't appear that they are offering anything in return for the $1, $10, or $50 pledge amounts. They are only looking for $5000. There is no indication that they have any sort of prototype or proof of concept developed. The most technical analysis is "As of now projected models will detect 1-3 feet...". Assuming this isn't a complete scam, I guess they are looking for donations to fund building a prototype or proof of concept, but $5000 seems like a rather small budget for that.
-- scad mientist, Sep 16 2019

It is the absolute, hands down, most horrible Kickstarter campaign I have ever seen. Unless they're kidding. Then it's still the most horrible Kickstarter campaign I've ever seen.

But as I thought had been pointed out here before, metal detector shoes have been a thing for a while. (link)
-- doctorremulac3, Sep 16 2019

One problem is that you need a fairly large coil for decent detection; but maybe a foot-sized one would be big enough. Another problem is that shoes' soles flex as you walk, which is going to pose a challenge.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 16 2019

The originality of the Kickstarter campaign can be challenged if the generator of it here on the halfbakery can be bothered.
-- xenzag, Sep 07 2021

A pair of headphones for a one million dollar Kickstarter investment! That's the ultimate halfbaked idea.
-- xenzag, Sep 07 2021

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