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10 signs, not 12, with traits that are proportional

Divinde the zodiac into 10 signs, not twelve. Astrology and divination is done using a system of 10 traits (like, passion, agression, balance, greed, etc). Each sign is a cardinal sign for one trait, and adopts minor traits from the other signs according to a sinusoidal formula.

Compatibility between people of two signs is foretold by common factors and/or lowest common denominators; so a 3 and a 6 are more compatible than a 7 and a 3. A 4 and a 6 share the LCD 2, so they will experience a relationship showing characteristics of trait "2". People born under prime numbers are screwed.

Anyone found not conforming to the characteristics of their decimal sign are sent in for psychological reprogramming.
-- gonzola, Jan 26 2009

Yes, i understand where you're coming from with that one, but there would be a problem. Twelve has four factors other than itself and unity. Ten only has two. Consequently, with duodecimal astrology, you can combine quadruplicities and elements. With decimal astrology, you would either have to use a multiple of ten or five elements and, to coin a word, "duplicities". That's doable because of the Chinese element system, maybe combined with Yin and Yang, but if you do that, you then lose the correspondences with the likes of humoral medicine and alchemy without gaining the correspondences in the Chinese system, since they aren't themselves divided in a similar way. There would therefore have to be a whole new esoteric system, and there would also need to be conversion of angles from the sexigesimal system to a decimal system which isn't actually metric.

If, on the other hand, you do it by hundreds, you have seven factors other than one and one hundred, which works better, and you'd just need to multiply two or more together to come up with unique combinations. You could have the Chinese elements combined with European elements including æther, getting to twenty-five, then four or two lots of two of something else. There's never been a direct match between planets and signs either, and this wouldn't resolve that because there would be nine planets excluding Pluto but including the Sun and Cynthia (the Moon) or seven traditional planets, again including those two. It would be nice to fix that somehow if you were going to reform it.

Having said that, i still prefer a duodecimal system because of the high number of factors in a fairly low number. It means, for instance, that you can have "months" corresponding to thirty degree signs plus an embolic "week" which you can also transfer to the likes of Jupiter and Uranus and retain a relationship between the Gregorian calendar and that of other planets. Each sign then corresponds roughly to a year when transferred to Jupiter's orbit and to seven years with Uranus. That doesn't happen at all with decimal astrology.
-- nineteenthly, Jan 26 2009

Surely in our enlightened world of digital electronosthetics we should be adopting a binary astrological format, or, at the very least - a hexadecimal one. Like the I-Ching.
-- zen_tom, Jan 26 2009

I like the idea of a binary astrological format - people would obviously be compatible with others of the same sign, or with the exact opposite sign, but with no others.
-- MadnessInMyMethod, Jan 26 2009

With the binary system you could make it more complicated by saying the compatability is based on the amount of elements that are the same and the amount that are different, so for 4 bit, F is wholey compatable with 0 and F but not with 3, 5, 6, 9, A or C. They are partly compatable with the other numbers.
-- miasere, Jan 26 2009

Ah, but one of the beauties of a binary system could be that each bit represents part of someone's personality and fate, so it would be a bit like an opcode. Particular bits could make the person open, conscientious, neurotic and so forth if set, and closed, careless or well-adjusted if clear. Five-factor personality theory => thirty-two different personality types determined via a binary code. It could also resemble the Geek Code.
The other thing about a binary system is that you can do Boolean algebra on it for compatibility. The proposition that opposites attract expresses NAND, but the notion that similarity works better would be AND. Then you could go on to posit other relationships through other Boolean operators.
-- nineteenthly, Jan 26 2009

Fuzzy Logic (and possibly Woolly Thinking)
-- gnomethang, Jan 26 2009

[nineteenthly] - I think that sounds like a much better idea - you should post it. Dressed up in the right kind of new-age bollocks people would believe it too - "...every planet and constellation affects a single bit in your personal cosmic binary astrological register...".
-- hippo, Jan 27 2009

// "...every planet and constellation affects a single bit in your personal cosmic binary astrological register..."//
Blue Screen of Death - Alignment Exception.
-- coprocephalous, Jan 27 2009

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