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"I'm from riiiiight there"

Folks from the state of Michigan, USA, are unique in that they can easily describe the general whereabouts of their home town by pointing to a place on their right palm.

The idea is to package and sell self-adhesive open palm pictures and stars. Michiganders could put the star on the palm and the palm on a car window or bumper. Non-Michiganders could cut three fingers off and flip everybody the bird. Everybody wins.
-- phoenix, Jan 10 2004

Uhmmm http://www.lib.utex...states/michigan.gif
You got the hand covered, but there 'are' two parts to Michigan. [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Precedent for the unifying Mackinac Isthmus http://www.halfbake...can_20Land_20Bridge
HB: American Land Bridge [Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

What if I am from Manistique? Where does the star go? I always thought that Michigan was broken into two parts. Are you going to ignore everyone from the upper peninsula?
-- Klaatu, Jan 10 2004

I hope that palm and star can be seen from outerspace.
-- k_sra, Jan 10 2004

"Are you going to ignore everyone from the upper peninsula?"

Speaking of peninsulas, just wait until I announce my Florida version.
-- phoenix, Jan 11 2004

-- po, Jan 11 2004

Is that like the Mull of Kintyre map?
-- hippo, Jan 11 2004

For the UP, just carry a rubber vampire bat with you.
-- waugsqueke, Jan 11 2004

I speculate that Michiganders only use one hand to describe their state, because using both hands makes it look like they are throwing gang signs to each other. Every Michigander who knew about the Uppers has already been shot dead while visiting Detroit.
-- Laughs Last, Jan 11 2004

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