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Micro Shadow Show   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Display silhouettes on your closed eyelids.

There's nothing more pleasing than staring through the dark at the silhouettes dancing on a neighbor's closed blinds. Except perhaps watching the figures of young campers projected upon their tent by flashlight as you steal their supplies leaving little hope they will make it out of the woods alive.

Until recently such joys could only be had on a rare occasion. Now these shadow shows can be had in the court ordered confinement of your own home with Micro Shadow Show. This small device fits over your closed eyes and projects a bright beam of light past various silhouettes (or though a negative image) and through your eyelids.

Recline in relaxation as your eyes strain behind closed lids to see the buxom outline of a woman, that could very well be an oval, and maybe a few other shapes like a rectangle or a triangle, or even a star. Perhaps a storyboard involving this exciting cast of characters will flicker vaguely before your eyelids as you nod off to sleep.
-- rcarty, Sep 30 2011

[+] This is so cool and what makes it cooler is that I had some kind of idea like this last night whilst falling alseep!! wee-ooo!
-- xandram, Sep 30 2011

So much more convenient than sneaking around on the scaffolding. +
-- DrBob, Sep 30 2011

Perhaps this will become a new format that back catalogs of some directors can be reissued in, eg. Stanley Kubrick's late work.
-- jutta, Jan 03 2016

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