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For that McDLT effect

Encase a sphere of ice cream in a 1/2" to 3/4" covering of some pseudo-fruit+goop. Store frozen. To serve, place in microwave on high for a short amout of time. Presumably, as the microwaves only penetrate about 1/2" deep and the treat is roughly spherical, in a minute or so you'll have a pile of hot pie-filling-like goop melting off of a still-cold scoop of ice cream.

*update* well, if Steve DeGroof's link is to be believed, the whole ordeal might have to be scaled up to say, an 1-1/2" sphere surrounded in 3/4" to 1" of goop. Maybe sell them four to a box for ~$5? just make some angry fruit salad packaging, and come up with a goofy moniker...
-- absterge, Nov 29 2000

-- O I C, Nov 29 2000

I was under the (mistaken?) impression that microwaves either heat evenly or heat from the inside out. Never bothered to test that claim, tho.
-- centauri, Nov 29 2000

degroof, that's exactly it. The outer shell would be *mostly* water, sugar, fat *and* salt (and, remarkably, in that order, even!), punctuated with over-processed industrial "fruit". Pick up an inexpensive can of something labeled "pie filling" in your local grocer and you'll see what I mean.
-- absterge, Nov 30 2000

Mmmmm....! Microwavable Baked Alaska! How about microwavable cream puffs, filled with icecream?
-- cIEL, Dec 06 2000

Once saw a microwavable hot fudge sundae. Chocolate in the cap, the ice cream cup was foil lined. You put the cap on over the ice cream and nuked it, the chocolate melted and ran down over the ice cream.

I don't particularly like chocolate, but I thought it was kind of a neat idea.

Had deep-fried ice cream in a Mexican restaraunt once...
-- StarChaser, Dec 08 2000

I usually melt my ice cream a little bit with a few seconds in the mike before indulging.
-- Vance, Feb 07 2001

//Had deep-fried ice cream in a Mexican restaraunt once...//
Oh, man, that stuff is really good... Really popular around the Salt Lake area
-- AfroAssault, Aug 12 2001

If the outer layer has to contain a large amount of water, fat, sugar or salt to block most of the microwaves and thus keep the inside from being melted, then doesn't that mean that the diet (i.e., "no-good-stuff") version of this treat would have to be salty and watery?

I can see (cough) it now: Ben & Jerry's "Ball-O-Sweet": Dead Sea Flavor! Great for dieters!
-- jester, Aug 13 2001

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