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Simple toaster device that works in your microwarve oven.

This device consists of two little metal foil grids, very much like the ones you find on the inside of microwavable deep dish pies. The grid is on the inside of the box for the pies and acts to brown the crust as the pot pie cooks or heats in the MW oven. MW energy causes the little foil stripes in the box to glow and thus generate infrared energy to brown the crust.

My device is exactly like that, but much more permanent in design. Two MW resistant plates with the little foil type grid embedded in such a way as their radiant heat does not affect them. You slip in a slice of bread between the grid frames and set the whole thing in the MW oven...thirty seconds and presto, the MW energy causes the grid to glow just right and toasts a lovely crust on the bread, and the MR cause the bread inside to heat up, giving a perfectly toasted slice of bread.

The frames can be adjustable, so as to be closer or further away from the slice of bread to give an adjustment to the degree of toasting. Closer to the bread slice and more toasty...further away and less toasty or lighter colored toast.

This invention does away with counter cluttering appliances...and produces a much better toast...heated through and through and browned perfectly.

Of course, the frames can be combined to give two or four slices...and adjusted for Bagels or "Texas" sized slices.
-- Blisterbob, Feb 12 2010

Microwave Toaster Combo http://gadgets.boin...avetoaster-com.html
Actually, there have been plenty of space-saving microwave oven/toaster combinations commercially available, although most incorporated the toaster as an adjunct feature to the microwave, much like the combo unit featured in this link. There have been fewer microwave ovens with the toaster incorporated inside the actual microwave oven, like the Daewoo R55TS 650 watt compact. As far as I can tell, they have all been discontinued or recalled by the manufacturer, presumably either because they did not sell well or were inherently unsafe to consumers. [jurist, Feb 13 2010]

Daewoo (Sharp) R55TS Microwave Oven http://www4.shopping.com/xPO-Sharp-R-55TS
Claims to be able to "toast" foods, but at this wattage you'd probably do as well with a handheld hair dryer. [jurist, Feb 13 2010]

This idea doesn't belong here, this should actually be made.


Really, there could be something in this.
-- MikeD, Feb 13 2010


Spot on, [21].
-- MikeD, Feb 13 2010

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