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Minefield Driving Range   (+1)  [vote for, against]
More bangs for your buck.

When conflicts are long over and relations have become peaceful, there are often areas of landmines left to uncover. Where economically viable I suggest turning some of these into golf driving ranges.

Trained operatives would put out distance markers and clear mines in the area close to the tees. Golf practice would ensue, interrupted by the occassional loud bang. When the bangs become too infrequent, the same trained operatives would remove any remaining landlines and the golf balls would be retrieved.
-- st3f, Aug 25 2003

Demining Flail
For [Una]. Current production flail based deminer [oneoffdave, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

wouldn't a mobile be preferable to a landline?
-- po, Aug 25 2003

Except for flailsafe mines.
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 25 2003

I suppose they wait until the field is clear before they run the truck out to collect all the balls? There would be a lot of golf balls on the field by that time.

How far does the shrapnel from a landmine fly with enough force to cause injury? Would they need a specially design golfing bunker?

But I think the good outweighs the impracticalities. +
-- scad mientist, Aug 25 2003

//a specially design golfing bunker// = sand trap
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 25 2003

-- phundug, Aug 25 2003

I feel sorry for the dumb high school kid who they hire to drive the ball collecter...

-- DeathNinja, Aug 25 2003

Once again, another idea that would be helped with exploding golf balls.
-- sartep, Aug 25 2003

Isn't that overkill, [sartep]?
I approve of widening the hole however, as my score would vastly improve this way. +
-- k_sra, Aug 25 2003

The only problem I see is the remote locations and general inaccessibility to most minefields for golfing enthusiasts.

Therefore, current easily accessed driving ranges should be mined to accommodate them.

Possibly your best idea ever, 3f.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 25 2003

I'm with waugs. Mine my local driving range. I'll go everyday. Bang. +
-- oxen crossing, Aug 25 2003

-- phoenix, Aug 26 2003

Damn, phoe. You're right. Who was it? Col. Blake?
-- st3f, Aug 27 2003

Darn, another big disappointment. There I was thinking that this was going to be all about a new off road facility for SUV's and all those 4x4's. I'd have definitely given that idea a bun.
-- juanmanandez, Aug 28 2003

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