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Checkbook that fits in your wallet.

Checkbooks are a pain to carry around. And if you write multiple checks daily, you don't want a bunch of single blank checks folded up in your wallet. So this would be a checkbook about the length and width of a credit card, with few checks, so it'd be thin enough to fit comfortably in a wallet.
-- miggavin, Dec 03 2006

cash cow http://www.snopes.c...s/bank/cowcheck.asp
work of fiction [rascalraidex, Dec 04 2006]

HB mini cow idea Miniature_20Cow
[MoreCowbell, Dec 05 2006]

Baked mini cow
[MoreCowbell, Dec 05 2006]

Checkbooks are pain at all times I reckon. Particularly when you are in a supermarket queue and you get a housewife with full trolley, the checkout operator is in training and you are in a hurry to go toilet. Just happened to me today. What is wrong with cash or eftpos card or credit card, none of these does not take too much space.
-- Pellepeloton, Dec 03 2006

Some people prefer checks.

I have to say though, I sometimes write too big to fit it all onto a normal sized check.
-- PollyNo9, Dec 03 2006

//Some people prefer checks.//

And some people don't have electricity or running water.
-- Chefboyrbored, Dec 03 2006

I like this. I think it is perfectly halfbaked idea.

I don't like taking my chequebook - I'd rather not pay by cheque, but the fact is that sometimes a cheque is required (although less and less so). A miniature chequebook, with a more rigid back to aid writing, is a fine idea.
-- Jinbish, Dec 03 2006

I like this, and you could possibly implement it yourself. I remember reading something about the legal aspect : Someone had written a 'check' on the side of a cow, and it was still legally acceptable. So in theory, you could design and create the cheques yourself. +
-- jtp, Dec 03 2006

/insert bad joke/

Zbigniew Grdzlap was a midget Czechoslovakian double agent during WWII. Unfortunately the Nazis found out and he was forced to go into hiding. Hence he turned up at the Swiss embassy and asked "Excuse me, can you cache a small Czech?"

Meanwhile, [+]
-- BunsenHoneydew, Dec 03 2006

actually the cow thing is not real... link
-- rascalraidex, Dec 04 2006

you could try writing a check on a miniature cow [see links]. Still too big for your wallet though.
-- MoreCowbell, Dec 05 2006

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