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Science: Health: Nutrition
Minor Miracle Drug   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
It works for me - so it might work for you.

Cull the thousands of prescriptive bits of health promoting advice from popular magazines and folklore; combine them in a pill.

I've been tempted to try a hundred ‘miracle’ treatments for everything from head aches to heart attacks, offered up by everyone and grandad, too. All of it: soup to nuts, A to Zinc, fine to ugly, and north to south based on claims made by someone ‘miraculously’ returned to health by using a named substance. Just read the list of benefits, glowing testamonials, …

So why not just put a smidgin of all the good stuff into a pill and then relax and wait for the miracle? That way we'll feel nothing but better for a long, long time.
-- reensure, Apr 02 2002

Sceptic's Dictonary: placebo
[jutta, Apr 02 2002]

More probably, you will feel horrible for an instant - and then no more.
-- neelandan, Apr 02 2002

neelandan, the optimist.
-- bristolz, Apr 02 2002

(be) no more.
-- neelandan, Apr 02 2002

-- bristolz, Apr 02 2002

Queen Mum lived to a 101 on gin and dubonnet. cheers ma'am.
-- po, Apr 02 2002

Baked. Every homeopathic medicine that makes it into the gutters is made off-the-chart potent by way of dissolution. Years later, it's back in your drinking water.
-- loonquawl, Jan 20 2009

Are you suggesting that the Queen Mum (Gawd bless 'er) was dissolute?
-- coprocephalous, Jan 20 2009

Oh dear.

If you put a smidgen of everything in there, nothing is going to be at a worthwhile concentration, even assuming it has some potential benefit.

Also, the odds are that you'll be allergic to at least one of the vast number of ingredients.

[po] - she died??
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 20 2009

No, [po] is just fine, as far as I know.

Rumor even has it that she's really good.
-- normzone, Jan 20 2009

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