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'Oh toaster, toaster, on the wall, which is the most perfect of them all?'

A toaster with a picture of a slice of toast on the side that turns brown depending on how toasted the actual piece of toast in the toaster is going.
-- froglet, Mar 31 2006

weather toast http://www.theregis...s_a_display_device/
cool as hell [shinobi, Mar 31 2006]

+ rather silly, but extremely practical.
-- xandram, Mar 31 2006

For people who use toaster ovens with glass front doors the picture on the side would be needlessly redundant.
-- jurist, Mar 31 2006

i'm all for toaster development. it's an area just screaming out for a revolution.
-- daaisy, Mar 31 2006

I recently came across a toaster related idea that i think is cool as hell....linked. Although I suppose yours isn't too bad either.
-- shinobi, Mar 31 2006

So, uhm. Couldn't you just etch a hole into the side?
-- jutta, Apr 01 2006

And where would be the halfbakery idea in that, [jutta]?

-- froglet, Apr 02 2006

Every once in a while someone comes up with an idea for an invention that will change the future direction of breakfast as we know it. This is one of these times. BUN.
-- Braindead, Apr 02 2006

But then you wouldn't have to peer gingerly into the top knowing that, at any second, you might get an eyefull of hot toast corner! Where's the fun in that?
-- squeak, Apr 04 2006

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