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An end to orphan socks...

Posted (having appeared in a previous incarnation as an annotation) at Zeno's suggestion. So blame Zeno.

I suggest that pairs of socks be linked by a fluffy rope, in the same manner as children's mittens. The rope goes up one trouser leg and down the other. Advantages: 1) never suffer from "orphan sock" syndrome again. 2) potential autoerotic effects if you walk briskly 3) new potential for laundry industry (special laundry conditioner to prevent tangling of sock-strings; special sock- string cleaners for those "difficult" stains...) Drawbacks: 1) Putting trousers on before socks is a no-no 2) Skirts pose a problem 3) inside leg measurement needed when buying socks. On balance: I still blame Zeno.
-- Basepair, Feb 26 2005

Maybe why the votes are so-so Glove_20Love
Worldgineer's anno Jan 30 2004 [FarmerJohn, Feb 27 2005, last modified Mar 01 2005]

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[robinism, Feb 28 2005]

See, Zeno? The silent majority has spoken :-( I am fish-bound, alas.
-- Basepair, Feb 27 2005

yeah, we blame zeno! :)
-- po, Feb 27 2005


This would be most problematic for the rockstars in tight trousers...

-- Cats Whiskers, Feb 27 2005

A woolly condom in the middle (in Swedish: "mitten") would be comfy.
-- FarmerJohn, Feb 27 2005

I'd avoid any kind of deliberate entanglement in that area. A sudden leg extension (as when leaping tall buildings in single bounds, etc) could have catastrophic effects. However, we could probably arrange faux-fur covered string for more adventurous mittensock-wearers.
-- Basepair, Feb 27 2005

Have a bun for the sheer halfbaked idiocy of this idea. I knew the connected mittens as "Idiot Mittens" which would make these "Idiot Socks".
-- wagster, Feb 27 2005

Bun appreciated, Wagster :-) . From the voting so far, it's obvious that only 50% of halfbakers suffer from orphan-sock syndrome...
-- Basepair, Feb 27 2005

I now buy only black socks as I am incapable of keeping anything more interesting in pairs. If you look closely you will notice that my black socks usually don't match either.
-- wagster, Feb 27 2005

They're both left socks?
-- FarmerJohn, Feb 27 2005

It is, in fact, bad luck to wear matching socks. However, nobody said that the socks on either end of the cord have to match.
-- Basepair, Feb 27 2005

My mother used to force me to wear idiot mittens when I was feral growing up in Canada.

Heh, you learn something every day.[-] for making me remember[+] for //autoerotic//
-- skinflaps, Feb 27 2005

I bunned this idea. I'm not sure why. I...I think, *like* this idea.
-- Machiavelli, Feb 27 2005

It's nothing to be ashamed of, Mach. Everyone who likes this idea should go with their gut feeling. Everyone else can come up with a reason why.
-- Basepair, Feb 27 2005

When you pull on one idiot mitton the kid will smack himself in the face.

Kick in the groin?

-- Giblet, Feb 28 2005

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