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Mobile Dog Run   (+8)  [vote for, against]
traveling greens

For a modest fee, urban dogs are released into a large flatbed trailer with wire cage walls and a turf deck to frolic and take care of business. Could be equipped with a retractable roof for inclement weather. Every few stops, the conveyor belt turf deck is cycled half a turn, causing accumulated debris to fall into a collection chamber.
-- nuclear hobo, Apr 13 2007

Greyhound racing on a conveyor belt would be kinda fun.
-- skinflaps, Apr 13 2007

This is better than that comeditragic effort, "immobile dog run". Those immobile dogs just wanted more treats.
-- bungston, Apr 13 2007

For a further fee, not quite as modest, we will get your dog down off the flatbed and give it back. mwhawhahahahhahaha....
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 14 2007

Sorta good. "Mobile dog run" would be one name. "The stinky truck" would be my pick.
-- the dog's breakfast, Apr 14 2007

Bone Voyage.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 14 2007

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