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Enjoy more quality drinking time

Getting home from the pub can be a dangerous business (see Air-bags for Clothing) so why not make the pub come to you. There are mobile libraries, mobile burger bars, mobile surgeries, in fact mobile everything except pubs. It's about time we drinkers were provided with the same facilities as every one else.
-- DrBob, Jul 02 2000

Party Bus
I think this is what you might be thinking of [SystemAdmin, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Inflatable pub http://www.drinkstu...product.asp?ID=7291
[hippo, Jul 08 2010]

Don't drive for drinks? <grin> Talk about taking your work home with you...
-- StarChaser, Jul 02 2000

Why not make a pub on wheels like a huge motor home the it could drive around all night and pick up all of your friends. It would be like a bar on wheels. After closing it could drop every one off.
-- mika_ranta, Jul 02 2000

There are plenty of services that will deliver booze... that seems to be what PinkDot in LA mostly does, for example.
-- egnor, Jul 02 2000

A mobile pub should be more than just an alcohol delivery system (after all I can just buy the stuff at the supermarket if that's what I want). I want a barman who will listen with interest to anything that I've got to say, no matter how banal. I want people who will shriek with laughter at my crappy jokes. In short - a pub.
-- DrBob, Jul 03 2000

I'm afraid I don't know of a link, but I remember seeing a "floating bar" that was shown on Tomorrow's World (BBC TV show about inventions, etc.: analagous to Beyond 2000, which *used* to be on the Discovery channel [*sigh*]). Essentially, it was a full length bar, complete with stools, that had a number of downward facing air jets built into the underside of the base.

Essentially, you could hook up the bar to an air compressor and activate the jets and then push it wherever. The cushion of air was about a cm or so high (I think), and it would take at least two people (to be able to guide it reliably), but you could move it wherever physics would allow.

It was billed as being really neat industrial furniture, supposedly the target market could be wealthy corporations with limited office space or perhaps hotels that really got into the modular space method over the dedicated function room ideology.
-- dnm, Jul 08 2000

I've seen lots of movable furniture (no full-size bars, to be sure) that rely on well-established "wheel foot" technology.

Other than gratuitous wackiness, what makes air jets better?
-- egnor, Jul 08 2000

egnor: Air-jet supported bars would just float harmlessly over the supine bodies of those who have had a little too much to drink, whereas chunky 'industrial'-style wheels would cause serious injury.
-- hippo, Aug 02 2000

I'm pretty sure they had a mobile bar thing at Burning Man 2K

Not that I was there or anything...
-- darsy, Aug 04 2000

They have those already, they're called "Caterers".
-- thumbwax, Sep 17 2000

err if u get he two blokes required next to a pub they aint gonna push it theyre gonna go inside come out in a slightly less sober state and poush the thing onto the neares rive to see if it floats
-- lost not found, Feb 01 2001

I bet you could pay a massage therapist to bring you a six pack, listen to your probs, and give you a message. Would that count?
-- Vance, Feb 08 2001

... Bring the mountian to Mohammed (PBUH*)

*Pub Be Upon Him
-- FloridaManatee, Jan 02 2003

How about bungee bar suspenders? Leave one end tied to the front door, and run to the pub, snatch a drink and ....
-- FloridaManatee, Jan 02 2003

Holy Dramamine, Batman! I don't feel so good and it looks like the bar is moving...
-- Shaggy, Aug 11 2003

Me and a mate of mine were thinking of this a few year ago in England,even went to the lengths of asking for advice about the liscencing laws about it.

Intentionally to get the old folks out for a few beers and a game o' dominoes,maybe a game o' darts while stuck in traffic.This idea never got of the ground,as we were off our faces at the time.
-- Loft Nuthouse, Feb 17 2004

[make a pub on wheels like a huge motor home ]

[After closing it could drop every one off]

I like this idea - although the logistics of dropping everyone off might require that you get dropped off long before of after you're ready to go.......
-- normzone, Feb 17 2004

a very highly paid and patient driver would be required to put up with the rowdy barrage of abuse cause Mad Harold missed his stop,and had to go back to the bar,which he was in no fit state to do.
-- Loft Nuthouse, Feb 17 2004

Ah, I sense a kindred spirit Loft. I also have all my best ideas about 10 minutes before kicking out time.
-- DrBob, Feb 18 2004

Fabulous link, hippo. I want one! I want one now!
-- DrBob, Jul 08 2010

I guess you've never been to Burning Man; there are a number of these on the Playa..
-- Steamboat, Jul 13 2010

Burning who?
-- DrBob, Jul 14 2010

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