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Mobiles embody the essence of a quotation.

I like mobiles, all unity and cluttered shapes, movement and peaceful surrender to the forces that may be.

I like a good quote, too. Like a solid cliche, the famous quote burns in the mind, defines itself, and stands alone as a beacon to effective language, or at least, to using it at the right time.

I find something congruous between the two, and so I ponder: How about a mobile with each word of a quotation as a seperate shape in the assembly? Would this be a pleasing expression? Would not some observer first become titillated by the dangling forms, only to be blindsided by the quotation contained therein, something said by Marx, perhaps?

That's it folks, mobile quotations.
-- daseva, Aug 05 2005

Noam Chomsky Quotes
[daseva, Sep 10 2006]

Nice [+]
-- skinflaps, Aug 05 2005

Fridge magnet style mobiles. Perhaps an alternative would be to have suitable quote beginnings and endings on different arms of the mobile, so that a moment's glance may create a contradictory and potentially amusing juxtaposition.

[Due to my terminological parochialism, I read "mobiles" as pertaining to mobile (or cellular) telephones, and consequently, your first paragraph made my head asplode.]
-- calum, Aug 05 2005

Well, whatever works, I guess...
-- daseva, Aug 05 2005

OOOh... I, too, assumed this had to do with mobile/cellular phones. Okay, I get it now. Pretty!
-- moomintroll, Aug 05 2005

So this is one more way to get baby to grow up quoting Shakespeare?
-- theircompetitor, Aug 05 2005

. answer
. ym

. is
. blowing
. the

. bniw
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 06 2005

Pick a Noam Chomsky quote, and have the mobile structure - which wires hanging off which - exactly match the syntax tree of the quote.
-- jutta, Sep 10 2006

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