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Model Car Hoax Kit   (+10)  [vote for, against]
"Since when did they make a model kit of a Yugo?"

Kit contains 25x coin, car keys, and paintbrush. Place next to real car and photograph. Fool 'em into thinking you are a master model maker! Coming soon: life-size plastic driver.
-- wombat, Aug 09 2003 [hippo, Jul 31 2009]

Wow, [wombat], you painted the rust and dirt right on that model! Is that Barbie inside? Why does she look so mad?
-- Cedar Park, Aug 09 2003

Because of the highly detailed Parking Boot on the front wheel.
-- wombat, Aug 09 2003

One of the fresher proposals I've heard in quite a while. Advice for photo: use a large format combination with a narrow focal field, to make the photo look as if shot macro.
-- n-pearson, Aug 10 2003

I'd rather have an enormous novelty ruler for this purpose, but + anyhow.

If they want to see the model, you can just tell them you blew it up with firecrackers.
-- snarfyguy, Aug 10 2003

Use the kit to photograph all sorts of oddities. Model homes, miniature ducks, tiny people...
-- LabRat, Aug 10 2003

One very enthusistic positive.

Not just because I have sympathetic leanings to that much abused cultural icon which is the Yugo (the best example of you get what you pay for I've ever encountered), but also it holds to one of my long held maxims "novelty size the prop novelty size the fun"

(On a similar topic I reccomend the novelty sized (750ml) beer cans as well, after a few you begin to feel like you actual have shrunken)
-- snazzyguy, Aug 10 2003

Fun idea, bun
-- devnull, Jul 30 2009

Excellent - this reminds me of Andy Clifford's aerial photos of Bristol which were made with a tilt/shift lens to make them look like models (see link).
-- hippo, Jul 31 2009

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