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Directly link computers through modem

I know, that all the wireless stuff is coming, but its not standardized yet and I keep stumbling into situations where I need a floppy to transfer a file between my laptop and other computers. Nearly all of those other computers have modems.

It would be nice to have a driver (perhaps that's all it takes) and/or a widget (a real small one) that allows to connect one or more computers through the modems. Since no FCC is involved you can always go the full 56+k.

Modems are so universal, you could hook up with about any stranger at the airport who carries a laptop. All it takes is one skinny phone cord, any length. If the implementation requires a widget anyway it could have a backup Ethernet converter and jack for office use, and multiple phone jacks for a spontaneous LAN where you don't have to beg some sysadmin for CAT5 cables and privileges.
-- kbecker, Jun 05 2003

iPP2 http://www.3jtech.c.../Features&Specs.pdf
[Shz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Transferring Data between Standard Dial-Up Modems http://en.wikibooks...dard_Dial-Up_Modems
A how to... [Alvin, Nov 17 2011]

-- Shz, Jun 05 2003

If you are directly connecting to a person right next to you, why use a modem at all?

I carry a "crossover" Ethernet cable for this purpose with me most of the time, you just plug it into the Ethernet jacks on both computers, and do a little configuring. 100M beats the hell out of 56K
-- krelnik, Jun 05 2003

baked: ever heard of something called a "line emulator?"

Slap one between the two modems, have one answer and the other dial (generally doesn't matter what number you dial) and there you go.

Also, if they have serial ports (or bidirectional parallel) then you can connect those with a null modem cable.
-- clothist, Jun 06 2003

[krelnik] I'm just trying to get rid of most cables, but the phone cord I need for sure until WiFi is everywhere. Also I encounter a lot more computers with modem than with Ethernet cable.

[clothist] I know line emulators only as big, expensive boxes for troubleshooting phone lines. Any small ones around?

-- kbecker, Jun 06 2003

You can also use one of those usb pen drives.
-- qaramazov, Jun 06 2003

-- Shz, Jun 06 2003

kbecker, there are software line emulators. thats what you are looking for. i find them useful for getting an old commodore 64 online ;-)
-- ironfroggy, Jun 06 2003

You don't need any extra hardware for sending data between computers with modems. See the link.
-- Alvin, Nov 17 2011

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