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Caution: If you are easily offended by the appreciation of the female form, turn back now, or forever annotate.

Some of the science for this I have not worked out yet, so I post this as a tentative offering.

What I'll need to research is the tech required to produce a media that functions both as mirror and rear-projection screen. Probably not unobtainable, so I'll continue.

The rest of the hardware is a toothbrush with a built-in motion detector. When the toothbrush is moving in a manner appropriate for teeth being brushed, the ' wares, both hard and soft, behind the bathroom mirror, facilitate the projection of the image of a bare breasted woman brushing her teeth in the mirror opposite the real brusher.

When the real brushing ceases, the image reverts to that of the brusher, in the mirror.

"Mom, I brushed my teeth three times today. Can I brush them one more time before I go to bed ?'

"You're doing very good, Johnny. Are you sure that your gums aren't sore? "
-- normzone, May 24 2008

Philips Mirror Display http://www.research...mrrordisp/mirrortv/
Mirror TV in essence is an LCD display integrated into a mirror, which means that you could surf TV channels, the internet or even view your blood pressure while brushing your teeth or styling you hair, or just admire your reflection. [ed, May 24 2008]

And this appeals to children? Or when you wrote “turn back now”, was that to save us from this strange relationship between a grown man and his mother?

Not to forever annotate, but a clip from a kid’s show might encourage kids to brush their teeth. This could be a small portable video player linked to the act of brushing. If it’s also a "mirror", the light from the screen (displaying the cartoon) could override the mirror for a set time.
-- Amos Kito, May 24 2008

interesting, but what happens when you floss?
-- jaksplat, May 24 2008

What if you brush your teeth in the nude to begin with?
-- sprogga, May 24 2008

say bloody mary three times and turn off the lights
-- jaksplat, May 24 2008

Maybe "Spongebob Squarepants" instead?
-- phoenix, May 24 2008

You can buy lcd tv's mounted behind mirrors off-the-shelf. They're made for bathrooms.
-- wagster, May 24 2008

[Amos] Well, when I was ten years old I had a healthy appreciation of the female form. This would have at least improved my dental care. And the warning was because lately it seems that the sensitvity levels of my fellow bakers has a high level default setting.

Granted, in these current times acknowledging that anyone under the age of eighteen is interested in sex is unfashionable, at the least.

[jaksplat], flossing should be similarly rewarded.

[sprogga], you mean some people don't?

[phoenix], I'm sure that the competing Spongebob model will have a bigger marketing budget.

Thanks, [wag], for the technical support. Much appreciated.
-- normzone, May 24 2008

Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants

[turns off lights]
-- jaksplat, May 24 2008

The problem with this idea is that tooth-brushing and... erm... other activities have similar motions, although one of them is much more pleasurable. I give it three goes before little johnny discovers a better way to activate the image...
-- Voice, May 26 2008

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