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Peel me off a $20.

Bills, joined end to end, and wound around a roll.

The bills would be perforated to ease tearing.

Something would be satisfying about pulling out a big length of cash.

They can also be folded accordian style to fit in a regular wallet.
-- Giblet, Jun 15 2005

Sheet of 4x8 $1 bills. http://catalog.usmi...t_category_rn=10139
"Product is not available"? What do they mean, can't be ordered over the web, or isn't available anywhere, ever? [jutta, Jun 15 2005]

At least in the US, visitors to the official mint could, for a hefty surcharge, buy sheets of unseparated bills (about the size of gift wrapping paper) that are valid currency. You could perforate them yourself and tear off bills, although there aren't as many bills end-to-end per sheet as you'd like.
-- jutta, Jun 15 2005

Or, if you were really rich and a show-off, you could use it as wrapping paper
-- hidden truths, Jun 15 2005

You could wrap your whole body with the money tape. Then people could say "Wow, he's made of money!"
-- phundug, Jun 15 2005

jutta: I kinda like the way, when they're available, they're selling 32 dollar bills for $50...
-- DrCurry, Jun 15 2005

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