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Money dispenser for cars   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Keep your eyes on the road, not on the money

Most new cars these days have slots for coins. They are meant for toll, but toll is often several $$ so I find myself fumbling for bills again. This either distracts me from the road or causes an extra wait at the toll booth.

The suggested device could be preloaded with $1 bills and at the push of a button eject them one by one, exactly one. If it comes as standard equipment it could be integrated above the vent inlets on the center console where the bills are easy to reach.
-- kbecker, Apr 22 2004

I must admit I have never seen a car with a built-in coin dispenser, though I seen many retrofits. But I do wonder about the wisdom of a dollar bill dispenser - surely that's even more tempting than a removable radio?

Besides, with he auto-toll payers most of us have these days, I'd say this is an idea whose time has passed. Maybe you should repackage it as a wallet?
-- DrCurry, Apr 22 2004

I misread that one. I thought you had proposed a monkey dispenser and I have always felt that I needed one in my car. Pity.

Coins can be heated up with the cigarette lighter with interesting results on toll machines and human toll collectors...
-- Captain_Ignorant, Apr 22 2004

I want one. One for my house too.

I guess it wouldn't work with the Valet Key.
-- jonman, Apr 23 2004

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