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Monkey Tank World   (+11)  [vote for, against]
Fun for all the family!

Monkey World is situated between Wool and Bere Regis, right next to Bovington Tank Museum. Just build a big wall around them both, leave the tanks open with the keys in the ignition, and let the monkeys out to play.

What could possibly go wrong?
-- wagster, Jul 22 2007

for dentworth
[xandram, Jul 22 2007]

Monkey World
It's monkeytastic! [wagster, Jul 23 2007]

-- calum, Jul 22 2007

I don't understand. What is Bovington Tank museum? Is that army tanks?
-- dentworth, Jul 22 2007

Urangutanks ? +
-- xenzag, Jul 22 2007

If they can type all of Shakepeare's works, then they can drive some steenkin' tanks.
-- xandram, Jul 22 2007

oh thanks xan.
-- dentworth, Jul 22 2007

are you quite sure about this?
-- po, Jul 23 2007

20 years earlier:

"I assure you general, this tank is incredibly simple to operate, a monkey could drive it, ha ha".

"Well I hope you're right, our troops aren't very bright. I can't see that we'll face any problems in the future with these tanks"
-- marklar, Jul 23 2007

Monkeys in arms. Just don't give them live ammo.
-- skinflaps, Jul 23 2007

Sounds like the Bush White House.
-- ldischler, Jul 23 2007

Hey now! That is just the general staff. The actual guys driving the tanks are very professional, and I would tell them so to their faces.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 23 2007

//The actual guys driving the tanks are very professional

I knew one guy who drove a tank over a car because he was looking at a pretty girl. It turned out it was a General's car, and also his daughter.
-- miasere, Jul 23 2007

Sounds like a wise and excellent choice.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 23 2007

This really would be more than just a wild day out.
-- theleopard, Jul 23 2007

Sounds like more than double he fun!
-- gnomethang, Jul 23 2007

Monkeys in tanks would arguably do far less damage than humans in tanks. [+]
-- nuclear hobo, Jul 24 2007

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