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monkey do, monkey around...

A saddle, designed to be attached to a large pet dog or small pony. Thus enabling your long tailed member of primates, (whether it be a Saddleback Tamarin or other guenons) to apishly be mischievous around the house and garden.
-- skinflaps, Jan 06 2004

Monkey saddle physics http://mathworld.wo...m/MonkeySaddle.html
close to total fishbone Heaven ! [skinflaps, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


Bad for dogs and small ponies.
-- skinflaps, Jan 06 2004

some punctuation is welcomed, [skinflaps]. a monkey saddle is a great idea, but only if you can get tiny lil monkey jockeys.
-- jonthegeologist, Jan 06 2004

Another late night at the monkey races?
-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 06 2004

Nah, just pleased to be around....

A Bauerhund Saint Bernard sporting an infant Amboseli Baboon speeding up the snowy slopes..?
-- skinflaps, Jan 06 2004

do monkeys need saddles?
-- po, Jan 06 2004

Does a fish need a bicycle?
-- DrCurry, Jan 06 2004

Linky tells all..
-- skinflaps, Jan 06 2004

I am so, so, disappointed. I just got out of hernia surgery, and will be doping around the house for a few days, and I really got excited about monkey riding. Oh well....
-- normzone, Jan 06 2004

Nice math in the monkey saddle link, but do you have a mathematical description of the monkey and the dog too?
-- kbecker, Jan 06 2004

monkey + pi = mess, carry the dog and you can cancel out the mess.
-- Worldgineer, Jan 06 2004

re: first annotation: maybe someone needs to explain to skinflaps how to actually delete one's one idea, rather than mark it for deletion.

Also, this is too-overt attempt to get max fishbones, as the author indicates.
-- sophocles, Jan 06 2004

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