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VR Helmet - check ... San Francisco -- check

After reliving a bit of my childhood today, I realized something. I ALWAYS wanted to grow up to be a giant, destructive super-monster. This virtual reality simulator provides just that.

Particitants are fitted with motion-capture 'dots' on each joint of the arm, leg and one on the head. Next, construct a large-scale city of your choice. Granted this would be time consuming, so changing the city every week wouldn't be too tough. Give the participants about 100' x 100' worth of scaled-down city to work with. The features of the room are entered by location into the computer with corresponding height, width, etc. thus generating a virtual city out of padded structures.

This simulated environment is redered and sent to the VR headpiece of the participant. Running screaming pedestrians, smashing cars, knocking glass out of sky-scrapers, EVERYTHING.

Group rates available, score can be calculated by monetary damage, high bodycount, etc. Contests can be held by giving the participants a time limit to workwith, or some other limiting factor. First one to reach 100 Billion dollars in damage ... be creative.
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 05 2003

War of the Monsters:
Wreak havoc. Catch thrown objects and toss them back. Step on people. It's all good. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

-- phoenix, Dec 05 2003

You could use that new interactive TV for this.
-- DrCurry, Dec 05 2003

I've been playing RAMPAGE all day on an emulator here at work ...
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 05 2003

And to think I had to make do with Lego when I was wee...
-- lostdog, Dec 05 2003

// I ALWAYS wanted to grow up to be a giant, destructive super-monster //

Don't lose sight of your dreams. There's still time.
-- waugsqueke, Dec 05 2003

One...Hundred...Billion...Dollars!!! Buahhhahaha! +
-- sartep, Dec 06 2003

sounds good lets play!
Could even be sold as a stress reduction system, had a bad day? go squish the people who's fault it is!
Then have the customer supply photos of the people who irritate them and that is who shows up inside the VR sim.(+)
-- soundman, Dec 07 2003

Man 1: Run, It's Godzilla!! Man 2: Actually, do to international copy right laws, it may look like godzilla, but it's not. M 1: Still, we should run like it is Godzilla!! M 2: Though it isn't.
-- Xcubeds, Jun 22 2005

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