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"No, the Erupting Volcano goes over there!"

First there was Monster Garage, the show where Jesse James and his mechanic crew turn regular vehicles into amazing machines within a tight timeline and a limited budget. Then came the similarly formatted Monster House, where concept people and a crew of craftsmen turn ordinary houses into a fantasy themed dream selected by the homeowners.

Now there is Monster Party! Every week a master party planner and their staff of decorators, caterers, and builders are given the assignment to create an outrageous party based on a theme and occasion chosen by the selected viewers. The party would be thrown at the viewer's home or at a location that fit the desired theme. The planner is given a guest list and a short deadline. Creative invitations are the first step. Watch as the crazed planner tries to book locations, bands and other performers on short notice. See the staff chef create a cake in the shape of a life-size Elvis. Witness the artists trying to carve ice sculptures of the Simpsons in 4 hours. Watch the tension as the crew hurries to turn a backyard into a Medieval Jousting birthday festival, a Miniature Manhattan, or whatever was the planner's insane creative vision. Like all these shows the chaos is the fun part but it all seems to come together spectacularly at the very last minute. Pick up some good ideas and learn what not to do for your next party.
-- wombat, Aug 18 2003

official raving loony monster party.
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I was hoping for a party with real monsters there.
-- lawpoop, Aug 18 2003

Must be the Republicans, since Schartznegger is one.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 18 2003

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