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Computer: Desktop: Theme
Mood-sensitive Themes   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]
Your colour scheme reflects your state of mind

It would be very easy to make a mouse with a blood pressure /heart rate sensor on the buttons (if you can get mice with fingerprint recognition, this should be a walk in the park).

Windows (or Linux, or whatever) could use this reading to select an appropriate colour scheme/desktop/etc to match the user's mood.

Fit to burst with a pulse to match? Ditch the kitten wallpaper, and crank up the crimson. Sunday morning web-browsing - hangover induced low pressure and slow pulse? It's all soft edges and earth tones.
-- friendlyfire, Nov 06 2002

Your pulse-rate doesn't determine your state of mind - it simply determines how stressed your body is.

You can have a high pulse-rate because you've just run 20 miles and your body needs the oxygen, but you feel just great, or you can have a high pulse-rate because you've just had a heart attack and you're extremely scared.
-- PeterSilly, Nov 06 2002

You must not have a clue whether you are coming or going Alphaman.
-- hollajam, Nov 06 2002

Forgive any woolly thinking on my part - I'm bored silly at work, staring at my (IT support swine!) un-customisable desktop, and more than a little hypoglycemic.

You could also factor in typing force, speed, webcam-measured pupil dilation, and a host of other things I haven't thought of, to gauge mood.
-- friendlyfire, Nov 06 2002

"Whatsa matter Chester?"
"I'm feeling low. My fish just died."
"That would explain the blue screen...of death."
"Yeah. The worst part is, it's an endless loop."
-- phoenix, Nov 06 2002

Hm, if an entire office implemented this technology, everyone would know who to immediately back away from by glancing at their screens. PMSers would probably have to endure increased ribbing at the "proof" of their state.
-- XSarenkaX, Nov 06 2002

There are two audio players I have come across recently create playlists by your moods. One is moodamp and another is moodlogic. When associated with a synaesthetic composer software you may get the desired results.
-- drizzlein, Dec 13 2004

Maybe you could create one that would show soothing colors to angry people - I know when I am grouchy, nothing calms me down like a pulsing, throbbing, angry red strobe-light screen!
-- submitinkmonkey, Mar 18 2005

mice can detect fingerprints? I feel guilty for keeping mine in a cage now.
-- neilp, Mar 18 2005

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