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a business plan

The Apollo Program cost 24 billion USD and retrieved 35-pounds of moon rock in six missions, which works out to $6300 per ounce.

On the open market, moon rock has sold for $5000 per ounce.

Unmanned space flight typically costs less than half what manned space flight costs, so robotic mining could retrieve moon rock for $3150 per ounce. Selling at $5000 gives a profit of $1850.

Therefore, your 2 billion dollar investment in my moon-mining company will yield a 37% return over the estimated 4-year project period.

Please understand that to pay for our rocket and robot I will need to collect your share of the money in advance, by wire transfer to my bank account (in Nigeria).
-- Laughs Last, Jan 01 2012

How many pounds of moon rocks?
If you want to get somewhat closer to actual facts. [ldischler, Jan 02 2012]

Apollo 18
There's a reason we never robotically mined the moon. [ye_river_xiv, Jan 03 2012]

I am confident that the market value of moon rocks will remain unaffected by their level of scarcity, and wish to invest $2 billion. Please send me your bank account details so I can arrange a transfer of funds.
-- mouseposture, Jan 01 2012

//The Apollo Program cost 24 billion USD and retrieved 35-pounds of moon rock in six missions, which works out to $6300 per ounce//

That's a good guess. Wanna try again? There's a way to do these sums, you know.

If 35lb of rock cost $US24 billion, it works out at about $US43 million per ounce. Actually something like a thousand pounds of rock were brought back, bringing the cost down to a far more manageable $1-2m/ounce.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 01 2012

I had this sitting around for a year or so before posting, and must admit that don't see how I could have come up with those numbers. Wikipedia is now telling me 841.5 pounds of rock. I suspect I did something odd in determining the cost per rocket and prorating.

Fortunately, the business scam model holds. Wire me 2 billion dollars for a moon rocket and wait 4 years, don't worry too much about the numbers as that ruins the surprise.
-- Laughs Last, Jan 02 2012

Oh Boy! This sounds like easy money! (What could possibly go wrong?)
-- Grogster, Jan 02 2012

yeah but... wire *me* 2bil and you will have a moon rocket... okay *I* will have a moon rocket and probably a billion left over, close enough though... just sayin'.
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 02 2012

That bit weighting 35 pounds was used in studies, more or less, while the rest of the 840 pounds was saved "for posterity," by which time it will be absolutely worthless, as we'll be able to zip to the moon for breakfast. So it's fair to base the cost per pound on the rocks actually considered valuable enough to study.
-- ldischler, Jan 02 2012

Hey there [Laughs Last], I've actually got 20 or so pounds of 'moon rocks' in the back shed. They're taking up room so I'll let you have them for your original $3150 per ounce now. With your profits you'll be well on your way to finance your expedition to collect more. I will even throw in a few printed certificates of authenticity once your 75% deposit hits my account.
-- AusCan531, Jan 02 2012

I'll sell you twice as many Moon rocks for half that price and even throw in their unlimited storage. (Remuco Moon Ventures may elect to store your valuable Moon rock investment on the Moon to assure purity)

Act now and receive as our gift to you, these beautiful rings of Saturn. These actual rings are actually used by the actual planet that the cars were named after. Imagine how impressed your date will be when you point up to the sky and say "I own that!" Comes with certificate of authenticity suitable for framing. (Frame not included.)
-- doctorremulac3, Jan 02 2012

// robotic mining //

Not in OUR back yard !

Mine your side of your moon if you like, but keep off our bit.
-- 8th of 7, Jan 02 2012

But what will you do when the moon rocks come alive and start eating people?
-- ye_river_xiv, Jan 03 2012

[ye_river_xiv] In New York, standard practice is to flush them down the toilet, and let them breed in the sewers.
-- mouseposture, Jan 04 2012

Ok. As long as there's an action plan.

have you considered the cost-return ratio of the russian Luna program as a baseline for expected returns? it may not be quite correct, since most of the problems were with the launch system, and the Russian launch system is now much more reliable, but as it was an unmanned operation...
-- ye_river_xiv, Jan 04 2012

This all sounds a bit complicated. How a soon on the end of a really long stick... Might take a while to get each scoop though.

On the other hand, the local shop probably sells a good selection of cheese.
-- saedi, Jan 04 2012

Finest in the district, sir!
-- Alterother, Jan 05 2012

// As long as there's an action plan. //

Of course there's a plan. It's a rubbish plan, and it won't work, but then, in a Democratic administration, who cares ?
-- 8th of 7, Jan 05 2012

Come over here and say that.
-- Alterother, Jan 05 2012

//On the other hand, the local shop probably sells a good selection of cheese.//

What do you think, Gromit? Wensleydale?
-- RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2012

//Democratic administration// Michael Bloomberg's not -- technically -- a Republican, but he's certainly no Democrat.
-- mouseposture, Jan 05 2012

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