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How about some moon shoes?

I would like a scale replica of the original moon shoe's grip to be inserted under my sandals, thus allowing me to make very cool prints when I make great leaps in uncharted territory.
-- danman, Jul 16 2009

(?) like this: http://www.freewebs...trong_Footprint.jpg
[danman, Jul 16 2009]

Definitely bakeable as a DIY project. I bet if you tried on enough snow boots you'd eventually find one with a sole that is quite close to that of the moon shoe's. Then just cut em off and glue em to your sandals.

If you were to embark on this project, and in fact succeed, I'll be your best friend.
-- Diatonic, Jul 16 2009

would MJ wear them?
-- po, Jul 16 2009

The sandals come with the grip.
-- danman, Jul 16 2009

Great idea. If they were made by Nike and had their logo on them, you could call them Lunar Ticks. +
-- xenzag, Jul 17 2009

...and when you die you'll get your name in the orbituaries.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 19 2009

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