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Take the high road to the middle ground.

War is a many-splendored thing, and it makes cool movies, but it sucks. Suckiness is inherent in its very nature, for the primary reason that people are somewhat prone to die throughout the duration of a fight.

Death and violence drive the fears of anti-war protesters and popes and natives of the war-torn countries. On one hand the war is (arguably) necessary; on the other, it's been said that our (US) war is like a childish response to the most primitive fears we have of "the other."

There's almost no reconciling either side. Why not create an intermediate step in the war-making process? A high-stakes video game battle: To the victor, goes the spoils.

Duck hunt? Mortal Kombat? Doom? Sonic the Hedgehog? Mario? Final Fantasy? Aladdin? Whatever game is chosen, it should all appeal to our warmongering instincts and allow a creative outlet for all of that excess energy. Instead of dragging Saddam's dead arse out of Iraq, why don't we just kick his arse on the X-Box?
-- polartomato, Mar 23 2003

-- thumbwax, Mar 23 2003

snap - missed you polar, where you been?
-- po, Mar 23 2003

po: The real world - not looking too good out there, so I'm back.
-- polartomato, Mar 23 2003

No vote, plus or minus, but I suggest you watch the movie "Robot Jox."

Preheated to a small degree.
-- shapu, Jun 04 2004

Sorry but just a stupid idea for all the reasons that war hasn't been banned/stopped before now. [-]
-- Germanicus, Aug 28 2005

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