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Yes, it stings a little ...

The tattoo line art is sketched out not on the skin, but as a 3D printed matrix of connected tubes.

These tubes are sized to allow the passage of lab-raised mosquitoes bred specifically for the purposes of using their talents to create short term art on willing subjects.

I, on the other hand, maintain my bite collection in a more freeform style. I consider it a form of performance art.
-- normzone, Jul 28 2020

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Isn't malaria a whole-body disease though?
-- pocmloc, Jul 28 2020

This idea surpasses the bunnable kind of horrific and goes right through nopeland, dividing by zero and coming out the other side as a fishbone.
-- Voice, Jul 28 2020

Some tough people have no reaction so a specific reddening antigen will need to be included.
-- wjt, Jul 29 2020

-- blissmiss, Jul 29 2020

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