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Self-dumping larva pools

It occured to me while dumping out standing water from things around the yard, that mosquitoes could be lured into laying their eggs into small pools of water that are rigged to dump out and refill every 24 hours or so. As long as there isn't a lot of other, non-dumping, water around, the pesky beasts should be greatly reduced? Or would they catch on?
-- afinehowdoyoudo, Jun 22 2012

Deadly_20Pond [spidermother, Jun 30 2012]

There are numerous water additive larvacides that exist for exactly this purpose, so the technique should work.
-- MechE, Jun 22 2012

Decoy water traps. Nice +
-- blissmiss, Jun 22 2012

Assuming there isn't a lot of other, non-dumping, water around, wouldn't the problem already be solved?
-- swimswim, Jun 23 2012

Assuming you could ensure that all the neighbors had no stagnant water, this might be unnecessary, but assuming you can't control the neighbors, if you can trick half of the mosquitoes into using the traps, you can cut the population in half every life cycle.

The problem I see is that mosquitoes probably can tell based on algae growth or whataever if water is stagnant. If they have a choice between water that has been sitting for a week, and water that was replaced less than 24 hours before with fresh water, I think they might avoid the trap. Maybe you could have a large supply of water sitting stagnant, but covered with mosquito netting. Have it plumbed to refill the trap from that.
-- scad mientist, Jun 25 2012

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