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Because cyber-stalking is fun.

A little line on any halfbaker's user profile that displays the date (and maybe time?) of that particular user's last vote, annotation, or visit to the site.

Perhaps this could be expanded by providing a link/links to that user's most recent posts.
-- shapu, Jul 05 2006

stalking view http://www.halfbake...lking:i=:t=stalking
how to stalk [neilp, Jul 05 2006]

I have wondered about this, especially when reading comments from bakers past. I like the idea.
-- bungston, Jul 05 2006

Sadly, for some of us that would be just a clock.
-- methinksnot, Jul 05 2006

I'm sure you can do this with a view.. virtually anything can be.

see link.
-- neilp, Jul 05 2006

Or on a slow day at work, just a second hand.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 06 2006

i do like the idea of annos having a time stamp as well as a date stamp. this might be difficult for different time zones. maybe an ability to choose your time zone in your profile. this could sit next to the time in your anno meta.
-- tcarson, Jul 06 2006

hm. special clock for halfbakery time?
-- pigtails_and_ponies, Jul 06 2006

The subtitle got the bun.
-- gisho, Jul 06 2006

Maybe it could say how much time has passed since the anno, just to really bugger things up.
-- Ling, Jul 06 2006

\\hm. special clock for halfbakery time?\\ Already exists. It is a mysterious concept shown only by the World Time Drinking Clock.

[neilp], whilst interesting, your link shows only the author of recently modified ideas. Hell, [FarmerJohn] is on the first page, courtesy of his Attack Bubbles.
-- hidden truths, Jul 06 2006

Indeed :(
-- david_scothern, Jul 07 2006

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