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Late summer moth problem solved

Those of you that live in the country and have been driving while the corn moths are thick as ..well corn moths, you’ll know why I thought about this.

The moth deflector works by exploiting the natural defense that moths have that enable them to escape bats. Gives them a fighting chance anyway. A moth has two defense modes. When a moth hears a bat far away sending out its sonar the moth turns inline with the direction the sound is coming from to present as low of a sound reflecting profile as possible. In order to get better target information, when a bat thinks it might have some prey ahead, it changes from about one “beep” per second to about ten “beeps” per second. When the moth hears this high intensity bat search mode it folds it wings together and tries to drop to the ground before the bat gets to it.

All one needs to do is reproduce the sound of a bat on high search mode and watch the moths fall out of the path of your car/truck.

I get royalties if anyone runs with this one!
-- Ozone, May 02 2008

Quite the moth er, trucking deterent.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 02 2008

It could be an enhancement for bumper-mounted deer whistles: "New and Improved: Now with Moth-B-Gone!". [+]
-- ed, May 02 2008

Ultrasonic insect repellants are well Baked. I couldn't tell you if they mimic this particular bat call, though.
-- DrCurry, May 02 2008

Having studied ultrasonic insect/deer repellents, I’m sorry to say that they do not work except for a very short time. Trust me, I had a state fumigation license a number of years ago. As soon as the bugs/deer get used to the noise and learn that there is no predator around, they begin to ignore it. The sound of a bat however is not something they can get used to. Moths can’t ignore bats without getting eaten.
-- Ozone, May 02 2008

The bat sound seems like it could work.


Gather with brothers in the month your moth bother doubles and make a broth of both moth youths and moth mothers!

Now say it ten times fast. :)
-- not_only_but_also, May 05 2008

It sounds hard to implement, (waterproof high frequency speakers outside the car) and has a limited audience, but bun(+) anyway. Just one question, does this work on "May Fly"s? I think the name is a misnomer because it looks like a moth. I was in PA once canoeing during a mass birth or something and it was Hitchcockian. I saw semis broken down on the side of the road with clogged radiators. If this would work, they would buy them.
-- MisterQED, May 05 2008

Will it attract bats?
-- Amos Kito, May 05 2008

Only in the mating season.
-- DrCurry, May 05 2008

This is based on the Ancient Truth:
“An oblivious moth is worse than a rain of evasive ones.”
-- Amos Kito, May 05 2008

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