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Motorized Portrait to Landscape Monitor   (+5, -2)  [vote for, against]
Screen rotates from portrait to landscape automatically

LCD monitors' bases are already rotatable from portrait to landscape. But it isn't motorized.

I propose an LCD monitor base which rotates automatically. When viewing a slideshow of photos, both landscape and portrait photos would be FULL screen.

The photo viewing software would need to be updated, and a hardware driver installed to control rotation motor.
-- knowtion, Dec 06 2009

Why not?
-- DrWorm, Dec 06 2009

Or a huge circular LCD screen.
-- hippo, Dec 06 2009

Or a rubber screen that could be stretched to any aspect ratio required.
-- pocmloc, Dec 06 2009

Won't this put monitor-turners out of business?
-- leinypoo13, Dec 06 2009

One of those wooden backscratchers and some duct tape, put it on a landscape/portrait alternate slideshow of your holiday snaps, and you could use it to pet the dog and induce sea-sickness in unwanted guests at the same time.
-- random_patenter_syndrome_victim, Dec 06 2009

There are digital photo frames that do this. Some are wall- mounted and some sit on a table. I think I've posted links to them on some other idea that's pretty much the same as this one.
-- notexactly, Dec 18 2018

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