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Fashion: Suit
Moulage Suit   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Make realistic training easier

Recently I participated in a live exercise to test the response to an airline crash. One of the things that took the most setting up on the day was the application of simulated injuries to the 'casualties' (moulage).

The moulage suit would be a jump-suit that has injuries pre-installed on its surface, moulded out of assorted plastics according to the wound texture required. A hood and face mask could be attached for wounds in the head or face area and gloves for the hands. The 'non-injured' part of the suit would be patterned like conventional clothing.

Simply dress your volunteer, a quick spray with fake blood and away you go.

Each suit comes with a set of acting guidelines to help the volunteer give a realistic performance.
-- oneoffdave, Oct 05 2006

Emergo Train
Disaster response training system [oneoffdave, Oct 05 2006]

Get additional mileage out of the suits and partially recoup their initial cost by renting them out as costumes for Halloween and Zombie theme parties.
-- jurist, Oct 05 2006

welcome back, dave.
-- po, Oct 05 2006

Thanks po.
-- oneoffdave, Oct 05 2006

There may be halloween costumes but they aren't that renowned for anatomical accuracy. These would have differing plastics to mimic skin, muscle and bone.

The additional instructions for the 'casualties' would be based on genuine incidents and outcomes.

Ideally, this could link up with some other disaster simulation systems like Emergo [link] for both live play and command post exercises.
-- oneoffdave, Oct 05 2006

What kind of triage methods are used if everyone on the plane is wearing Living Dead costumes? A bullet to the brain? [+]
-- MoreCowbell, Oct 05 2006

Fantastic idea.

Often the prep for these exercises takes longer than the exercise runs for.

Our onsite emergency services guys have a larrikin who likes to do a rather thorough job of this. Halfway through the emergency care training, he'll show up, hollering and screaming with a fairly realistic "wound" somewhere on his body. He makes things as difficult as possible, threatening to sue, crying, screaming, and he's got a little blood pump thingy he uses (with a ridiculously big reservoir); you end up covered in his fake blood. First time i did the training it really opened my eyes. quite realistic.

I'd bun this idea just for reminding me of the young girl that totally lost it while trying to "staunch" his gushing "femoral" artery, that was rather high up on his thigh. He was squealing like a pig and it really got to her. he ended up having to go and apologise to her, she was crying and everything. Laughed my ass off.

best training I've ever done.


-- Custardguts, Oct 06 2006

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