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Mouse Hide-A-Key   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]

Especially useful with those pesky lockable cabinets. Save the room on your keyring, put 'em in your mouse. Can also be used for other items. Use up that unused space.

<plug>In association with the Swiss Army Mouse.</plug>
-- ghillie, Nov 19 2004

And where do you put the screwdriver that you need to open up your mouse? On your key-ring?
-- angel, Nov 19 2004

Hide-a-keys normally have a slide-in slot where you can store stuff... no screwdriver needed ;)

Oh wait, that was a joke... I think. :P
-- ghillie, Nov 19 2004

Like the hide-a-key rocks, this would work because it blends in with the umpteen dozen other mice on your desk.
-- half, Nov 19 2004

But what if someone steals your mouse?
-- NickTheGreat, Nov 19 2004

[-] for making hiding spots common, and thus ineffective.
-- sophocles, Nov 19 2004

As a deterrent to theft, I would make the mouse incredibly heavy, or look broken.
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 19 2004

Or look like a rock.
-- half, Nov 19 2004

or a real mouse...
-- po, Nov 20 2004

Yeah, make it a real, functional mouse connected to the computer. Why would anyone steal just an average mouse?
-- Face, Nov 20 2004

I meant make it look like a squeaky furry mouse - oh never mind...
-- po, Nov 20 2004

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