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for added comfort

Regular use of a mouse can lead to aching wrist and so came the mousemat with the soft wrist rest. Nowerdays most people use an optical mouse which may not require a mousemat.

To stop people getting sore wrists add the new ACME wrist rest which is the same material but formed into a wrist shaped curve with low friction backing. this attatches using screw in clamps to either side of the back of the mouse providing happy movement at all times.
-- miasere, Jan 09 2006

(?) Mouse Pad w/ wrist rest http://www.cleanswe.../skugroup14262.html
Sorta like this, but attached to the mouse? [AfroAssault, Jan 10 2006]

{Ian Tindale}I agree. I have one that a firm was giving away a few years ago. I noticed that since I got it my wrist is no better, and I never seem to get much work done anymore.

It has a Lycra covering, and, as I have a picture of Kate Bush as my PC wallpaper, I swear it feels just like her arse.

What is odd, though, is that my wrist has become extremely supple.
-- Parmenides, Jan 10 2006

Thanks [Afro], exactly like the link but attatched to the mouse. I also put in the design it was curved to fit the wrist better and to move with the wrist better.
-- miasere, Jan 10 2006

[-] I don't think you've really thought about this, attaching the rest to the mouse requires you to move your whole arm just to move it, with a seperate rest you can manoeuvre the mouse with your fingers and not need to move your wrist at all.
-- fridge duck, Jan 10 2006

"Nowerdays" - score one for spelling things like they're said!
-- DrCurry, Jan 10 2006

[Palm-enides]? Get out more.
-- Dub, Jan 10 2006

Maybe it should attach around your wrist like a watch. It would be padded on wour wrist, and smooth to glide over the table. It could be integrated into a watch strap (or stick on with Velcro™) for people who wear their watch on their mouse-hand.
-- Minimal, Jan 11 2006

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