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Culture: Public Holiday: Christmas
Move Christmas into January   (+5, -2)  [vote for, against]
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January is normally a pretty boring month. Nobody goes anywhere or does anything because they've blown all their cash on Christmas presents. So let's move Christmas forward a week or so to coincide with the January sales, instantly solving everyone's cash problems and turning an otherwise dull month into something a bit more interesting.
-- DrBob, Jan 02 2001

Hmmm! Good point Peter. The split between the Roman and Byzantine church over Easter (amongst a host of other things) has led to fifteen hundred years of conflict in the Balkan's. Perhaps it's best not to dabble in religion. How about moving the January Sales back into December?
-- DrBob, Jan 02 2001

If you can get Hallmark hooked on the idea, the advertising and merchandising alone would make you a killing.
-- seizethefish, Jan 03 2001

I am one of those guys that celebrate Xmas on Jan. 7th (Russian Orthodox). Its nice b/c you save $ and time on shopping. Sucks going to church though when you dont understand a word of Russian...
-- darth_smoothies, Feb 01 2001

Errm.. wouldn't that just make December a boring month (or do you think Christmas is in December because it's an interesting one..?) I always considered the January sales as "Christmas II" :-) I Like It.
-- runonthespot, Dec 19 2002

What we should do is take some rather ho-hum holiday, dress it up a bit, and move that to January. Sadie Hawkins Day, perhaps. Might increase the number of January weddings.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 27 2009

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